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Quartz, Soge, still believes that packages can control the situation

The Green Bay packaging worker who only won 4 wins and 6 negative rankings in Guohiwei District, it is likely that it is possible to advance to the playoffs in January.

The poor defensive group made the opponent more than 30 points in four consecutive games, which was the first time in 1953. Such a performance allows the packaging work to impact the seasonal game.

However, under the leadership of Aaron Rodgers, the packaged offensive group is still excellent. Rogers has been successfully successful in the seventh week, and wholesale nfl jerseys from china the ball is ranked first in the air flying code and the pass reaches of the Ball. He believes that there is enough talent to help them win the last 6 games.

“I feel that we can control the situation, I really think so,” Rogers said to ESPN. “The offensive group began more productive, as long as we play a more stable game from the first gear to the last file. I think we are already close to do this. We really show it in the past few games. good.”

“But it is very important that we are going to enter the state earlier. We open 3 attacks in the red leather competition, all the three-speed attack is not bad, but from the whole season, we have restricted the three-speed attack. The aspect is done very well. We have been going to attack very well. “

Next, the package will face the Philadelphia Eagle, Houston Texas, Seattle Hawks, Chicago Bear, Minnesota Weijing and Detroit Lion. For cheap nike jerseys nfl the package of injuries, it is necessary to maintain a lot of miracles, but Rogers refused to admit.

“You feel only to win a game,” he said. “We win a game, and the situation may develop in the direction of us, we can control the situation.”


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