How do I prepare for writing an academic paper?

When writing an academic text, the bulk of the work is preparation. Before you sit down to write a text, you need to make a plan. Many authors use outlines in their work. The article you are reading now also began with an outline. You can get an outline from a hired person if needed. Yet, you have to be careful as a lot of services lie about ther writers’ academic levels, so it might be useful to read some articles like review.

Making an outline helps you think through what you’re going to write, build up your own thoughts, and fit them properly one to the other.

Writing a text is like building a house. You don’t start building without a plan, do you? Otherwise your building will warp or just fall apart!

Begin with a raw piece of text. Just choose a topic and list everything that you want to talk about. Again, this should be just a raw piece, so write down whatever comes to your mind and then restructure it in a proper way.

What exactly your outline will look like, it’s up to you to decide: it may look like a list, a diagram, a tree – whatever. The main thing is that it helps you organize your text.

As a starting point, you can use examples of plans on the TeacherVision website or a sample essay plan from Gallaudet University in Washington, DC.

Another important part of preparing an academic text is writing outlines or drafts. Drafts of some student papers are rewritten several times: the author edits the text, deletes unsuccessful parts and adds more winning ones, or follows the advice of his or her academic advisor. Don’t be lazy to rewrite your text – an extra edit can turn it from good to excellent!  Compare, for example, the first revision of this passage and the fifth, and everything will become clear to you.

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