How Do I Fix Error 6123 In QuickBooks Desktop?

All the transactional reports and data between several companies are registered with the aid of QuickBooks. You could run into QuickBooks Error 6123 while upgrading a company file to QuickBooks, opening a company file from a network server, or restoring a backup. The backup might not be recoverable. You might find a fix for the problem in this article.


What is the cause of QuickBooks Error 6123?

When a user opens a company file from the multi-network server or attempts to restore QuickBooks company data from backup hard drive. QuickBooks Error 6123,0 is then displayed on the screen as an error message.


The reasons behind QuickBooks error 6123 0 include:

  • recovering a business document from an external storage system.
  • The host server’s network connection was broken.
  • QuickBooks Company data file damage.
  • QuickBooks is unable to open when the company’s McAfee Antivirus service is installed on the computer due to firewall settings. QuickBooks Desktop Services are affected.
  • broken windows

How to Fix QuickBooks Error 6123 in Steps

First, Download the QuickBooks File Doctor 

  • Run QuickBooks File Doctor after downloading it.
  • Browse the Company File after that.
  • Select Diagnose File, then Check File Damage Only.
  • After entering your admin password, click OK.
  • Select either Open File in Newer Version or Repair File in the Current Version after that.
  • Continue with the other instructions that appear on the screen.
  • Restart the computer.


Renumber the.ND and.TLG files

  • Open the folder containing the corporate record.
  • Choose the company’s corresponding.ND file.
  • Rename can be chosen by right-clicking the company file.
  • Give the.ND file the name.ND.OLD.
  • Similarly, choose the.TLG file and rename it.
  • Transform the.TLG file into.TLG.OLD.
  • Open your QuickBooks Company File at this time.


Transfer a Company File to a New Location

Try transferring your QuickBooks company file to a different location and opening it if you are having trouble opening it. Additionally, if you are connected to a server, try copying the file to the machine where QuickBooks is running and then opening it.

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Utilize the Auto Data Recovery Options

Check to see if it works by restoring the QuickBooks adr file copy of the file. There is a tiny possibility that the file is damaged, and fixing this can fix QuickBooks problem 6123 0.


Turn off the antivirus software

The user might not be able to open their QuickBooks company file when the antivirus product interferes with the company file. Open the file and turn off the antivirus software. This may help to fix the QuickBooks Error Code 6123 0.

You May Know About QuickBooks Error Code H202

Upgrade QuickBooks

  • First, remove QuickBooks from the Control Panel if it is already running.
  • Have your license and product information on hand
  • Next, either insert a CD or download the desired version of QuickBooks into your computer.
  • Install QuickBooks as per standard practice.
  • Enter the details of your license and product.
  • Lastly, access the business file.


New Window User Created

It’s possible that the Windows User Login you’re using right now is flawed.

  • Launch the Control Panel.
  • In the user icon, select the Create New User option.
  • Choose Administrator as the user type.
  • Log off the current
  • Launch the computer again. Use the new user credentials to log in.
  • Place the corporate file on your desktop.
  • Open QuickBooks once more and go to the company file.


It is advised to call the 24-hour/day, 7-day/week QuickBooks ProAdvisor Support Number if you are still having trouble understanding how to resolve Error 6123 In QuickBooks Desktop. They have a group of incredibly effective technical consultants who can analyze the problem.

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