How Can I Clean My House in 2 Hours?

Clean My House

Cleaning your home in just two hours or less is impossible, however, once you’ve achieved it, the result feels incredible. I don’t know about you, but having clutter on every surface of my home causes me to be stressed.

Sometimes it’s easy to become completely overwhelmed by the mess, however this is one of the times that if you are able to allocate your time and energy, and push yourself to complete the task it will be easier to regain an esthetic feeling of control.

If you’re looking around your home and seeing toys all over the place, dishes piling over the sink, beds left unmade or clothes that require putting away , or washed and shoes scattered throughout the hallway, don’t be afraid to take a deep breath.

It is the complete guide on how to tidy your home within two hours or less. You’ll find three different cleaning strategies on this page, providing suggestions for getting your home organized quickly.

Choosing Your Cleaning Plan

Based on your Keynote Speaker goals and the amount of time you’re willing to put aside these three cleaning strategies can aid you in cleaning your house quickly.

The 30-minute schedule is great when you’re hosting guests on your property and you’re looking to make sure that the area is neat and tidy in a short amount of time.

The one-hour plan is perfect for those who have more time and are looking to do deeper into the chores of cleaning or if your home is a bit dirty.

The two-hour plan is perfect to provide your entire home with an extra thorough clean. You’ll be amazed by the amount you’ll accomplish within two hours by following this checklist for speed cleaning!

Tackle Top Priorities First

We all have the overwhelming, stressful feeling that you experience when your guests arrive and your home is so messy you’re not sure where to begin.

Most of the time, you don’t have time to go to the house, and that’s fine. The guests you invite are likely not going to be able to tour your entire home So make sure you focus on areas that they’ll see and leave the rest of your home for when you’re in a better mood.

It is important to put your focus on the most important priorities first, which will have the greatest impression on how clean and tidy your home appears. If, for instance, you are hosting guests that will be in your living area, concentrate on the kitchen, living area and the guest bathroom first.

If you’re able to devote time to other areas, you could take on those later. If you take a focused method to cleaning, you will ensure that the most important parts of your home are accessible for everyone. It’s not necessary to find out the contents of that door to the closet, and a courteous guest wouldn’t go looking around in places they’ve not been invited to visit.

Bring the Entire Family Together To Aid

Even toddlers are able to help with simple tasks around the house.

Encourage your children to take care of their toys after they have finished with them. It is easier for them by using easy toy storage solutions that are small enough for them to reach and are organized according to categories so that it is clear what goes where.

Other chores children can perform are:

  • Making beds.
  • Put their dirty laundry in the basket.
  • Disposing of clean clothes
  • A broom is pushed around in order to clean the floor.

Grab Your Best Cleaning Supplies

You’ll notice I said do you should do your best and you have to pull your big guns, because we’re not going to have time for low-quality vacuum cleaners or cleaning products that are a mess. There is a limited schedule; therefore, we require tools and cleaning supplies which we can trust to complete the task quickly and efficiently.

The Essential Items to Keep In Mind to Clean Up Quickly

  • Get a container to carry everything you need to clean throughout the home. If you don’t have one, simply put everything in an empty basket.
  • An Apron is my most trusted tool for quick cleaning! Everything you require is within reach it’s the most efficient way to save time!
  • Make use of the extension cable when you vacuum and you’ll be able to travel through your entire home in a flash! Vacuums with cordless technology are also great but are best for small areas.
  • A Basket or a container can help you quickly clean up your entire home. Once you’ve cleared out all the mess, store it for later sorting when you’re in a better position.
  • A high-quality duster is the most effective and efficient method to remove those dust and cobwebs out of ceiling fans, as well as on walls and ceilings with high ceilings. A broom can also be used.

Make Cleaning Easier Physically

I’ve had two hip surgeries and breast cancer. I’ve learned to effectively clean and be more kind to my body while doing it. It is possible to make cleaning more comfortable and quicker by making a few changes. Utilize extension tools such as this mop that is faster to reach windows and mirrors, or use scrub brushes with soap already included to wash your sinks and use brooms to scrub baseboards and remove cobwebs. There are 8 tricks to help make cleaning more physically easy which you might consider.

Clean the Kitchen

Take off all Leadership Coach Kitchen counters, and then wipe them down with disinfectant. Be sure to clean the sink and clean appliances and cabinets.

Clean Out the Fridge

Clean out the entire items from the refrigerator. Utilizing hot, soapy water, clean all shelves, drawers and handles. Remove shelves and drawers when needed to make sure you cleanse all crevices.

Clean Furniture

Now is the time to take to work with the vacuum. With an upholstery attachment, remove all furniture with upholstery. For furniture made of wood, or wicker you can use a rag to simply wipe them clean.

It’s very easy to get overwhelmed by a messy home. A routine or plan prior to the timeframe eliminates the stress of the process of cleaning. You won’t spend your time contemplating about what you have to accomplish -Instead, by following the help of a routine for cleaning it is easy to perform the things that need to be completed.

Final Thoughts 

Speed cleaning is ideal for moments when you’re receiving guests on a sudden basis. To avoid the hassle of cleaning up later, you should deep clean your house and make sure to clean it every week or every other week. This will help minimize dust and keeps dirt to the minimum, making it easy to speed clean whenever you’re trying to clean your home quickly.

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