Hey looking to get my first car and pay for my first car insurance?

Im 18 and are now living in southern california.Im not covered by my parents healthinsurance or work(until im injured onthejob)…what can I do?

Does my vehicle need to have insurance though its not being driven?
What type of insurance is way better: partnership insurance or private health insurance?
https://gravesengalloway5.tumblr.com/post/687032904144027648/does-a-nj-dollar-a-day-car-insurance-cover-you-and of insurance solution in California?
Will they provide bikes at a bike safety class?
https://www.instapaper.com/p/troelsenho8 for children?
“I’ve recently shifted out of state from CA to UT to attend college. Our mom just informed me that since I’m outofstate I-donot get my medi cal rewards and I can not apply for benefints here because I’m not just a person of Utah. I tried to sign up through the CA affordable care work for independent insurance but because I’m 18 I can’t. https://unsplash.com/@greenbergsampson9 have no idea where to proceed and my issues are worsening. Any guidance could actually supportRearended – Can I need insurance?
What’s A2 year contestibility interval in life-insurance?
Are my partner’s medical health insurance costs going up?
“How much is actually a zero evidence of insurance speeding citation in TylertownWhere to find out just how much fuel i need for a Mercedesbenz c300?
“i ordered http://braun88munn.jigsy.com/entries/general/Dental-Insurance-In-Delaware–A-Guide-For-People-Looking-For-Dental-Insurance is a 2006 cf moto v3 now just how much will be the insurance planning to be described as a month? Im to drivingWhat auto insurance is inexpensive for young adults?
“My income was mismanaged by me and now im in a dilemma.i receives a commission on the 6th. But wont have enough income to pay for car and rent insurance. i have three options. 1)spend my motor insurance and be late with rent only spend it to the 20th. late payment is $75. 2. Pay rent and enable car insurance cancel to get a week. Which i really donot wanna do since I have don’t know the consequences


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