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Some of the other features that can be activated in Audition are: a limiter, compressor, noise gate, de-essing, normalization, multi-band compression, multi-band Limiter, EQ and a full suite of instruments.

So what? Well we do this so we can compress audio files into the highly compressed MP3 file format. Having a large number of files, let alone even an enormous number of files, can make it really hard to listen to them. It’s the same reason you might have hundreds of audio files for each individual instrument, each with its own mix of audio effects.

So here’s my question. The first time I tried to play the MP3, I got a message saying the file was corrupt and I should rip it to ogg. I did so. I converted the ogg to mp3 with XLDO Audio Converter. And I get the same message. And the bar will not go down. VLC just shows streaming and the bar just sits there. Even looking at the process with Task Manager, VLC is pulling at 80% CPU and 1.8 GB of RAM.

I have a folder of DRM MP3 files and would like to convert them to ogg. Haven’t tried but thought you should try to see if this fails. I have rhapsody running in the background, but it’s not stopping me from playing the song so far.

iTunes will not allow your to change the file format; which is probably a good thing, but makes converting your files a bit of a pain. You have to do some external scripting to convert them from M4B to MP3.

Features: Freeze Panels. File System and Folder Plugins. Goto/Jump to File by Path. Label Editor. List View. List View with Full Path. Minimize to File Type Icon. Modify Attributes. Name and Size. Remove a Folder. Remove an Entire Directory. Remove Subdirectories. Resize an Icon. Search for a File. Show Hidden Files/Folders. Sort By Name. Sort by Size. Sort By Type. Sort by Time. Toggle Preview.

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