[FULL] Chave Do Topograph 98 |VERIFIED|

[FULL] Chave Do Topograph 98 |VERIFIED|

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[FULL] Chave Do Topograph 98

in subject s4, bilateral activations were found in the region of the inferior branch of precentral cortex and the inferior frontal sulcus (precc/ifs). both precc/ifs areas showed a topographic representation that was arranged with the upper visual field represented more laterally and inferior compared with the lower visual field. the volumetric representations of the visual field are plotted in polar coordinates for the region of the inferior ( fig. 2l ) and superior ( fig. 2m ) branch of precc, in this subject.

floodplots can be used to assess soil water availability and the consequences of human land use on the quantity and quality of soil water. our objectives were to develop a statistical model for the soil water content at 0 to 5 cm depth (svc) at the pan-tropical scale and to use this model to compare floodplots that had been purposefully sited by humans to those that were not. soil moisture data were collected from 985 floodplots across the tropics. soil moisture data were collected from a range of land uses, including rainfed cropland, pastures, grasslands, mangroves, rainforest, and urban areas. we selected an ensemble of multiple logistic regression models and used a bias-corrected approach for estimating the svc at 0 to 5 cm depth.

the spatial resolution of the data used in this study was in the range of 1o to 5o along the cardinal axes of the retinotopic map. the cortex is organized in 2o to 3o “functional maps”, so that 1o to 2o and 2o to 3o representations are likely to be found in the same region of frontal cortex [ 12 ]. as a result, the cortex may be thought of as an arrangement of 2o to 3o maps that are topographically organized in the hippocampal part of the frontal lobe. we have also found hints for more subregional representations in the frontal cortex [ 32 ] that are associated with particular topographic maps. for example, we have identified a “frontal eye field” in the ventrolateral frontal cortex that is correlated with the precentral eye fields of the dorsal pathway of the monkey. thus, a system of functional maps may be found in frontal cortex that are anatomically distinct from the maps of the dorsal pathway that are thought to be organized by the hippocampus [ 25, 26 ]. this concept also fits well with recent suggestions that there are several types of memory functions in frontal cortex [ 19 ].


Citation: Chaves (2020), [An old history: An ocean of information on the hidden world under the waters of the internet],.(02562018)
*Cited by 10.1371/journal.pone.025618 at 2019-06-14 L49

![Qualitative analysis of the traces in Fig. \[Fig3\], showing the time-variation of (a) the DC voltage, (b) the DC voltage relative to the 1/10 of the initial voltage, (c) the cycling frequency. Here, $N_{1}$ and $N_{2}$ denote the number of measurements before and after the initial energy is changed into the newly generated energy; for the later measurements, $N_{0}$ is the starting point of the analysis when the 1/10 of the initial voltage is generated, and all data points are measured every second. The data is normalized as $f(x)/f(x_{0})=x/x_{0}$ where $x$ is the data and $x_{0}$ is the center value. For more data see (SI) [@SI]. []{data-label=”Fig4″}](Fig4.jpg){width=”1\linewidth”}

**Conclusion.** We have designed and demonstrated a portable and cost-effective quantum energy harvester based on an NSCS where the environment temperature is so low that the thermal excitation effects could be ignored. For efficient charging we developed a circuit for the MEMS-based actuation, a dc voltage bias source and a tiny storage battery. We demonstrated significant amount of DC voltage output. Thanks to the energy harvesting from vibrations, the realized device could provide DC voltage for a close-to-unlimited period of time before it would stop working. A proof-of-principle analysis of the data suggests that the device can harvest energy from a little environmental temperature. This work provides a novel and versatile means to harvest energy from the human environment, opening up a new research area in the study of energy harvesting technology.

**Acknowledgments** This work was supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. DMR1157151 and NSF Grant No. EFMA1453321.

[99]{} S.


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