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Want to play games? Everyone does! Here, developers can create immersive experiences using the latest web technologies and tools. Built by kids, for kids, using the same game engine that powers millions of amazing experiences online, Roblox will quickly become your favorite place to play.
Just imagine yourself as the world’s greatest detective, slaying bad guys and rescuing damsels in distress along the way. (It’s never too late to be a hero, even if you’ve only just become a teenager.)
Use your skills to explore and create your own games and play the games of your friends! Create your own games and play the games of your friends with Roblox games!
Powered by the Lua API, Roblox is easy to learn and fun to master, so your adventures will keep you coming back for more.
Roblox Corporation is the world’s leading developer of massively multiplayer online games (MMOGs) that are free to play, with in-game purchases available through a virtual currency called Robux.
The company was founded by Erik Cassel and David Baszucki in June 2004. Roblox was the first site of its kind to offer a game development platform; previously, MMOG development had required programming knowledge in a proprietary scripting language.
Roblox games can be created using the Roblox IDE, a free, web-based tool for programming games for the company’s virtual world. Users can create games using graphic design tools like Photoshop or Final Cut Pro and then upload the game for other users to play.
The platform is currently being played by more than 164 million children and adults around the globe—and that number is only growing. With a robust curriculum for educators, a robust content program for parents, and a rich ecosystem for developers, Roblox works to support learning through play—and this is a winning combination.
Roblox’s robust community and massive amount of content is supported by a powerful game engine and an infrastructure that is constantly growing and improving. This platform is robust enough to support millions of players, and the same robustness is reflected in the Robux currency.
Robux—which is generated when players play games on Roblox—has continued to increase in value throughout its history as a part of the overall industry growth and is currently valued over $1.2 billion. Roblox Corporation’s robust and growing business model ensures its success for years to come.


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Roblox Scriptcheats
Currently in the Roblox Script Editor to activate or deactivate a cheat, you must have it open in the first menu.
When we update these cheats, please check the script editor again and let us know.
• Tested on PC
• There might be more Roblox cheats. If you know more cheats, send me an email.
• Cheats are tested before uploading. When I know that a cheat doesn’t work anymore, I don’t bother to upload the cheat.
Cheat #1 : Free Robux
roblox cheats is a Roblox Hack Tool. The source code of Roblox cheats script is open.
Enjoy the latest Roblox cheats and get free robux, zombies, lasers and more. The only thing you need is some time and maybe a lot of patience.
Cheat #2 : Fly around
Select the fly mode and wait a little bit.
Or you can launch the fly mode by pressing the F12-Key.
Or your fly mode will stay active as long as you don’t press the R1 Button.
Cheat #3 : Fly around to different levels
It works with any fly mode. You only need to activate the fly mode by pressing the F12-Key.
Good luck.
If you want more cheats, please check out our guides. Here you can find guides to buy Robux, escape, buy space-ship, jump through walls.
Or you can check out our Roblox MMO-Servers.
Please do not use these cheats with any online gameplay.
cheats to fly around on Roblox
Roblox cheats is a Roblox Hack Tool. The source code of Roblox cheats script is open.
Enjoy the latest Roblox cheats and get free robux, zombies, lasers and more. The only thing you need is some time and maybe a lot of patience.
Cheat #2 : Fly around
Select the fly mode and wait a little bit.
Or you can launch the fly mode by pressing the F12-Key.
Or your fly mode will stay active as long as you don’t press the R1 Button.
Cheat #3 : Fly around to different levels
It works with any fly mode. You only need to activate the fly mode by pressing the F12-Key.
Good luck.


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I need to do some coding on Windows now that I have upgraded my VCL application to C++Builder XE2 but I can’t seem to find an option for ‘O2’ in the ‘optimisation’ box. The IDE is telling me that there is no O2 option? How can I enable this please?


There are still some options that cannot be used in C++Builder XE2. The compiler support might have changed, but as far as I am aware, none of the options (mainly inline templates or instantiating functions in the headers instead of implementations) are supported.
This means that many options can be left in place, but you will have to rebuild your project in order to take advantage of them.
This is one of many reasons that I recommend people avoid C++Builder XE2.
Edit: It looks like there is a new build system which supports some of the features of C++Builder XE2.

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What is Roblox?

This is the platform from where we can play video games, create, build and share games. You may have already used this amazing platform for play past games. You must be curious about this application from very long time. If you’re still don’t know about what roblox is all about then I’m sorry. This is a complete guide about ROBLOX for beginners.

Roblox is a game development platform where you can build anything you want! There is a Roblox for all age, and every user can interact with each other. The most interesting thing is that they can create games, develop apps, design website, chat with his friends, create animation and other cool things.

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