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Free Download Husbands In Goa 12


Free Download Husbands In Goa 12

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Free Download Husbands In Goa 12


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What is the best way to have a function that can be executed, that will only be executed once

I have a search function in my application (phinx) that is called through AJAX.
This search function needs to be executed only once, but I have no clue on how to do that, since the method that will call the search function will be executed too.
What is the best way to have a function that can be executed, that will only be executed once?


Actions that you have to perform once (at one moment) may be inserted to the database at this moment, so when you need to check if you already have such information in the database (or ask for it from a different source) you can look for such actions with any of several tools. This article is useful to learn how to do that.
But actions that you need to do once, but you can do that at any time may be better to calculate at the moment when it will be needed. In other words, to avoid storing such data in the database is better to calculate it once per the moment when you need it. Here is a very short explanation why and an article that illustrates it.
As I can see you are using phinx, so you can check if you already have actions in the database with phinx. It has a command for that: \Migration\Command\LoadSchemaCommand. This command uses the interface without concurrency, so you won’t have problems with that.

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