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Despite the history of the injury of Galley knees, the Falcon General Manager Thomas Dimitroff is not concerned about whether Galley can express his physical examination. He also said that the medical examination on Monday is just a form of a way for the team and is not worried.

Soferon is 30 years old, working in Buffalo, 2017, joining 49 in March this year. He has also played in Cowboy (2016) and the eagle (2011-2015). Soenon initially entered the league with a decision-like identity, and his career completed a total of 220 cockroaches, and 7.5 killed, 6 times destroyed passed, 4 times to get the ball and twice forced the ball.

Jones is 49 more than two years. In June this year, June has been signed with jets, but they were sick before two weeks. He is a six-round show in Texas in 2013, and his career has also played in pirates, patriots and dolphins.

There is media prediction, Ford’s next stop or in New England. The patriot is still a super bowl, and their shortcomings in the running guards have also become the problem of the team urgently need to solve. This season, the patriot signed Steven Jackson, which proves that they are willing to use old. If Ford is joining, this will be a win-win decision.

Journey to Todd Galley passed the Falcon medical examinationAccording to NFL TV reporter Tom Pelissero, Tom Pelissero reported that Todd Gurley passed the Falcon’s physical examination in Atlanta on Monday.

Miller will call Kels as “pirated Gulong”Danfo Yam was grabbed on Thursday night, with the last moment, grabbed the ball and returned to the reaches of the 31-24, and the Kansas City chief obtained 2 games. The wild horse defensive generals von Miller is very excited after the game, and he decided to “attack” Travis Kelce in the “attack” emirate “on the network social media.

Miller called “pirated gallon” in social media. Due to the excellent exercise capabilities and ball capabilities, Kelles is once fame and new England Patriots near Taro Rob – Gron Gronkowski. In the first week of competition, Kelles won 2 reacons, but also made his reputation. In this game, Kelles is obscured in front of the wild horse defensive group, and there is no clear performance. This also gave Miller’s opportunity to borrow your questions.

More than two months ago, Galley signed a year, but due to the influence of the epidemic, cheap nfl jerseys officially closed the facilities of each team and stopped the player. At present, major cities have gradually completed, and Grre is to complete the medical examination and make the contract formally completed.

With the end of the medical examination, Golley will focus on the new season, and return to the raft to question his knees. If Galli can stay healthy next season, the 2020 season will be a season rebounded in the bottom.

It is worth mentioning that this is not the first contradiction in Miller and Kels. In the hands of the two teams last season, Miller hits the Alex Smith, and Kelles believes that this is a delay hit, thus making insulting action against Miller. Although he apologized to Miller on the Internet, the two of the two people were also.

Floris will take over the team that is in the rebuild. The Dolphin has been ranked 27th (27.1 points) in this season (27.1 points), and finally achieved 7 wins and 9 negative records. The team is currently facing internal reconstruction, and the management believes that Floris is the coach they need. Floris will also become a patriot defensive coordinator who is a patriotic defensive coordinator who is appointed by the Dolphin Team.

Dolphins will appoint Patriots Line guards Brian Floris as the main coachBeijing January 12th According to NFL NetWork reporter Ian Rapoport, the Miami Sea Dolphin will appoint the new England Patrioper Team Warner Brian Floris Brain Flores for the team’s new Coach. The patriot is still in the playoffs, so the dolphine team can’t just hire him before the patriots, but they hope to lock him first.

Black Leopard Wikikli did not participate in training and could not be determinedCarolina Black Leopard Offline Wei Luke Kuechly did not participate in Thursday, but he made progress in brain shock recovery.

All in all, it is very clear that Floris has become a rough road to the main coach, but it also has accumulated extensive experience. According to La Portport, after receiving a variety of praises from many patriot volunteers, Dolphin believes that Floris has been prepared to become the main coach.

49 people sign defensive front line members Chris Jones Beijing August 23, US Time Wednesday, San Francisco 49 people announced the residential news member Scenrick Sauen Don, in order to fill vacancies, their and defensive cut Chris Jones (Chris Jones ) Sign up a year contract.

Fordi said: “This has nothing to do with money, I want to participate in the super bowl.” For the bear team, because the new show Jeremy Langford is excellent, they no longer depended on irreplaceable Players. Relevant persons revealed that the bear team did not plan to provide a big contract to Fordi, and the cooperation between the two sides is likely to be abundant after the end of this season.

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