Four Defining Aspects of Interest Based Model under Negotiation


Negotiation is a process of influencive communication through which someone make an exchange for   something you need. It’s generally about-

  1. The work done
  2. Reward for the work
  3. Norm or terms in order to work together
  4. Effective use of resources

Power and Influence

In the interest based negotiations, power and influence are as yet significant. Three components which tend to vigorously impact the course of negotiation incorporate the control of time, individual force and the control of data.


The individual who is most of time being tensed, it actually tends to create difficult position to deal in negotiations. In fact, 80% of concessions are ordinarily made in the last 20% of accessible time. An individual finds more flexibility in last 20% of the accessible time. An arbitrator is well encouraged to think about the time availability for negotiations and their own usage of time as an important, however restricted assets.

Personal Power

Title Power

Every chief has title power. They additionally have prize and discipline power and the capacity to decide if an individual will be advanced or whether they will be given a prize, or even a raise.

Congruent or Referent Power

Individuals who reliably state what they mean and in the wake of saying something, really follow through on it.

Charismatic Power

Charismatic power is the implicit unique impact that somebody hosts over another gatherings as outcome of their character. The two explorers were holding up in a JKP Airport relax for a worldwide flight when in strolled Dizzy Gillespie. Following him was an escort of people who appeared to look out for him which each move he made. At the time, when the two voyagers were leaving the lounge to get their trip there before them stood Dizzy Gillespie, he had lost his company of people. He shrugged his shoulders and said to them with a major grin, “I’ve lost my gathering and I don’t have a clue where I have to go for my flight.” He had quite solid charismatic power, that both voyagers conceded they could have surrendered their own trip to support him.

Expertise power

Many professions have their own expertise power, doctor, attorneys and engineers. The power of professions is which make them different from the normal person through their language and work of doing for example, a doctor exercises their expertise power when they perform the diagnosis to a patient with low back pain as, ”you have a severe case of lumbago.” The doctor could just said easily “you have low back pain” the term lumbago also have same meaning but it’s the language of profession, it can be a disadvantage who doesn’t understand your language.

Situation power

When someone can directly control the result of what you need or want they have situation power. Example. A secretary can impact whether a report of venture is finished schedule.

Information power

Knowledge is power it is well said, actually remains constant in negotiations. When we have more knowledge about the subject matter and have easily control of the process and how to deal with other party point of view before getting started in negotiation, which make most successful negotiations.

Interest based Questions

An experienced negotiator emerges the interest and concerns which fit the both sides. This can be use as or by asking interest based questions which are based on conceptual and logical levels in the way someone is thinking about something. For ex. An experienced negotiator will ask question that emerge interest which can avoid the arguing and defending based position. Here the negotiator would react with questions which lead to get more detailed information as an outcome. Negotiator have a clearer understanding is received once you ask the question, ”what does one mean by improving communications, specifically?” skilled negotiator to speak effectively required a transparent understanding of intent and meaning.

Define the Problem Statement

Once we’ve done characterized the interest of the other party then we can make an interest based issue proclamation. The Camp David Accords gives a genuine illustration by using the interest based questioning. In 1967 Egypt and Israel were occupied with the six days war which brought about Israel claiming the Egyptian Sinai landmass. In 1978, Jimmy Carter intervened the exchange between executive Begin (Israel) and President Sadat (Egypt). The two men had contradicting positions about the landmass. Both countries leader wants to be ownership of that landmass in their country’s name. President carter’s methodology was to get to the basic worries of interest that spurred both men to take their positions. He started by asking interest based inquires and may have said to President Sadat. “if you somehow managed to urge the landmass back, what might the accomplish for you?” President Sadat may have said, “we should get land that is legitimately our own, it’s been in our ownership for very long. When Carter realized during the inquires that step by step instructions to manage the Sini Peninsula in a manner that would respect Egypt’s power keep up Israel’s security requirement. At the point when the difficult assertion was communicated along these lines, the two players could see the issue speaking to the interests of the two players. Rather than the issue remaining between them, they were currently on a similar side of the issue.

Dealing with problem behavior

Problem behavior often creates dealing during negotiations. Earlier time people were really instructed approaches to deter dealings by utilizing obstruct procedures or going into all out attack mode by assaulting the other party, or utilizing tricky stunts. A standard response to this sort of conduct to a kind, to assault back, yield or to simply sever the dealings through and through.

There are some ways to resolve or tricks to manage the problem behaviour situations during negotiations:

  1. Try not to respond to combative conduct. In the event that your energy high, that is a decent an ideal opportunity to council.
  2. During negotiation, more utilizing intelligence and coordinating body posture and voice tone.
  3. When in the event that the other party broaden an out of line offer or complaint, assault, re-examine their assertion or complaints. In this situation you have to rethinking in every way before making decision.
  4. In the event that the other party takes a solid position, utilize an interest based inquiry, for ex.,” in the event that you accomplish for you?” incorporate the interest and afterward endeavor to return and strengthen issue.
  5. Use power usefully to determine clashes. In the event that you realise that other party BATNA make a choice that is superior to their BATNA. There gently shoe your arbitrators how leaving probably won’t be to their greatest advantage, you may simply bring them back to the table.
  6. Know and responsible for your own conduct. If you abused an understanding or have been off mark, step up to accommodate with the other party as quickly as time permits.

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