Follow These Steps If QuickBooks Scan Manager Could Not Be Selected

One of the most crucial aspects of the QuickBooks accounting application that enables users to attach files to their sales receipts, invoices, bills, and other transactions is the QuickBooks Scan Manager. This feature’s ability to automatically generate packaging slips, balance sheet changes, and other business-related paperwork is one of its greatest features. Additionally, QuickBooks Scan Manager enables you to import transactions and categorize them in QB Desktop. However, occasionally customers may encounter the “QuickBooks scan manager could not be selected” problem as a result of an incorrect scan manager setup.You won’t be able to use this feature as a result, which interferes with ongoing work. To learn the best approaches to resolve the problem as soon as possible, read this blog post through to the end.

Are you having trouble using QB Scan Manager and in urgent need of assistance because QuickBooks Scan Manager could not be chosen? If so, feel free to call the helpline number at +1 (855)-738-0359  to speak with one of our professionals.


Causes of QuickBooks Scan Manager Could Not Be Selected Issues

  • It would be easier for you to quickly resolve the QuickBooks Scan Manager Not Working issue if you are aware of the underlying issues. Here is a list of potential causes for this problem that we’ve put together:
  • It can happen when User Account Control settings prevent QBDT from taking any action.
  • It could happen occasionally if the scanner’s wireless connection has some problems.
  • If some QuickBooks-related files were unintentionally removed, there might possibly be caused.

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If QuickBooks scan manager could not be chosen, what should you do?

You must consider potential fixes for the QuickBooks scan manager’s inability to be selected after learning the likely causes. We have spoken about some of the easiest approaches to solve the problem in order to assist you.


Solution 1: Modify Windows’ User Account Settings

  • First, on your device, choose the Windows menu, and then launch the Control Panel.
  • It will then launch the Control Panel window as a result. Tap User Account > Change User Account Control Settings from there.
  • When you see the User account control, choose Yes and then set the slider to Never Notify.
  • Later, press the OK button to turn it off and restart your computer.


Solution 2: Fix QuickBooks utilising the Windows Repair tool

  • The QuickBooks scan manager not working error could be caused by an issue with the QB programme or the scan manager’s installation files. You can get rid of it by using the Windows Repair Utility. Make sure you have a backup of the file for your business before continuing.
  • Open the Control Panel first, then select Programs and Features.
  • By doing this, a list of programmes will be displayed; from this list, select QuickBooks, then Uninstall a Program.
  • Uninstall / Change > Continue or Next is the next step.
  • Next, select Repair before clicking anywhere else.
  • Tap the Finish option once you’ve finished fixing.
  • Restart your computer to complete the process, and then install any recently released updates.


Finishing Up!

Now that our blog has come to a conclusion, we really hope that the options provided above will assist you in resolving the QuickBooks Scan Manager Could Not Be Selected issue. Cleanly install QuickBooks and re-configure the QB Scan Manager if the problem persists. Connect with our experts by calling the helpline number +1 (855)-738-0359 for any extra assistance.

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