Flysky Fs-gt3c USB Driver !!HOT!!


Flysky Fs-gt3c USB Driver

It is full of features that are not supported by the default flysky usb port build. For example, we will be able to reconfigure the rc plane, have better firmware updates and a number of other things. Also, i’m using master mode, and i’m sending triggers on the rc plane, that are sent with an auto pilot.

This USB reciever works with many rc planes also known as “RC Planes” or “Engine Boards”. It is full of features that are not supported by default and you can reconfigure rc planes that have multiple usb ports.

Disclaimer: this is NOT a sponsored post, we did not and will not get paid by Flysky for writing this guide. This article was created purely for the benefit of the FPV community, and with the hope that some people who have the passion but with a small budget can find a more affordable way to fly.

What I like about the Taranis is that it’s not just a glorified receiver, it also has the all-important failsafe, called ‘Continuous Flight Limit’. Chances are if your model has a failsafe, it will be done via a button rather than having to use a complicated telemetry protocol. Having a failsafe, such as the Taranis HF5, is positively invaluable when flying v-tails or e-tails.


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