Flexible Laminates DMD-F Class

Ganapathy Industries is without a doubt one of the biggest businesses in the world producing plastic films. It provides a broad range of plastic film goods, including manufacturers of flexible, polyester, and polyester film. Because to its worldwide network and local supply capacity, the firm can fulfil the demand for film applications from a variety of end-user industries.


Plastic films from Ganapathy Enterprises cover a variety of substrates and come in both regular single films and many value-added Lacquered Coated Film with offline coating and plating. Because of its strategically located worldwide business and dealing culture, which is centred on cutting-edge research and development, the firm is currently able to expand in a number of regions all over the world. the polyester film rolls, pet film producers available from manufacturers are designed to resist ripping, hold up over time, and safeguard a range of commodities.


Customers of Ganapathy Industries are able to provide a variety of products and alternatives because to finance, advertising, and branding campaigns. Thanks to investments in specialised lacquers, metallization, and internal accessibility, a variety of primary films help to improve our selection of products, which includes standard packaging, highly specialised emballement, electrical liners, and a wide range of commercial applications, including heat stamping foil, adaptable air conditioning systems, and ebook lamination. Polyethylene plastic film, which comes in a range of forms, finishes, and thicknesses, is the most often used type. Because of its dimensional stability, toughness, little water absorption, rip resistance, chemical attack resistance, mechanical strength, and dielectric energy, our clients choose polyester plastic film for packaging.


Our Partnership with Plastic Film


The main provider of plastic films in India is Ganapathy Industries, which also provides a broad variety of goods for several vertical markets to different sectors. The company operates more than 100,000 square feet of shops and warehouses around the nation. a buffer zone that guarantees on-time delivery of every order, regardless of quantity or location. According to Ganapathy Industries, their friendship will get stronger. The business offers in-depth technical advice to aid in selecting the most affordable solution for all purposes.

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