Flexible Laminates APA AMA

A bonding agent is used to bind two or more flexible packaging webs together during the laminating process, which produces flexible laminates.
The substrates that make up the webs might be made of foils, papers, or films made of aluminum. Ganapathy Industries creates flexible laminates using extrusion lamination, solvent-based adhesive lamination, solventless adhesive lamination, hot melt lamination, and combinations of two or more techniques, depending on the end use.

Flexible Laminates APA-AMA from Ganapathy Industries boost the barrier qualities of the packaging material to safeguard the packed item and lengthen its shelf life.
Flexible packaging laminates from Ganapathy Industries serve three major purposes:
The material is protected during packing, transport, and storage by mechanical qualities that increase the material’s strength by making it more resilient to ripping, punching, etc.
barrier characteristics that guard against external degrading agents (such as light, moisture, gas, oxygen, pathogens, and spoiling agents) as well as prevent loss of the product’s features, such as freshness and scent in the case of food.
The flexible packaging’s substrate saleability creates an airtight seal.
At Ganapathy Industries, we have the capability to print in eight colours on these substrates. This may provide the packaging with its much-needed aesthetic appeal and assist our clients in better communicating their brand to their target market.

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