Five Reasons Why Social Media Is Important for SEO

What does social media have to relate to SEO? At MWI, we get lots of questions from our potential and current clients. While social media has become an increasing marketing channel in recent years, the majority of businesses have yet to benefit from it. This is especially true to consider if you’re planning to invest in search engine optimization. Creating and managing social media accounts is extremely important for supporting SEO initiatives, but the benefits may not be immediately obvious. There are many reasons you should think about the use of social media in your online strategy There are five main reasons why it is essential for SEO.

1) Social Media Signals

It’s no secret that Google, Bing and زيادة مشاهدات اليوتيوب other major search engines have been using online conversations in their ranking algorithms for quite some period of time. Social engagements occur when people like, comment, share, or tweet about an article. The more social engagements a piece of content is able to get, the more social signals it will bring to your website. Search engines look at the social signals they receive, and use them as a quality factor when ranking content. This allows search engines to decide the content that people are most interested in and what their algorithms consider as high-quality. If the content you’re looking at has a high amount of social shares the content can be identified.

2) Link Building

There are no more days of soliciting websites to add links to yours. Google’s Panda/Penguin algorithm has forced SEOs to build links the traditional way: create high-quality content that is relevant. But how do you reach websites willing to link to your content if asking them directly is considered an “unnatural” link building practice? Social media is your answer. Social media enables you to place your content in front of people who are interested and could be convinced to link to it should it be worthy of linking to. These people may also connect your content to their friends which increases the power of your content.

3) Content Amplification

It doesn’t matter how high-quality your content is, it won’t gain traction without amplification. Yes, email marketing is an effective way to boost content, but it can only reach people within your marketing database. You can also reach new audiences via social media. If you post your content to your followers, they will be sure to share it with their own followers If they are satisfied with the content. Then those people will share it with their following to increase your reach. You will also gain relevant traffic through inbound linking social signals, inbound linking, and brand awareness All of which can be used by search engines to make to determine the quality of your content.

content amplification lifecycle

4.) Brand Communication and Awareness

Search engines will use your brand’s image and recognition to judge the credibility of your website and how reliable it ought to be when they rank it in their algorithms. Aside from amplifying your content Social media can also build brand awareness. This is what Google calls a co-citation. Making these co-citations with social media can boost the trust Google has in your website , and will also help by bringing in search queries that are branded.

5) Social Indexing

Search engines have been indexing social media profiles for some time now and this means that they show up in the search results pages. This allows your brand to show up in search results for brand-related queries, which aren’t exclusive to your site. But there’s more than that. Individual Tweets from Twitter were initially indexed and included in search results as well which gave another means for your website to be ranked in the search results. The program was only temporary, however the deal was ended when Google shut it down after couple of months. Google will once again show tweets in search results, so it’s important to leverage it for getting your content ranked.

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