Final-Destination-5-Dual-Audio-(Hindi English)-420p-By

Final-Destination-5-Dual-Audio-(Hindi English)-420p-By

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Final-Destination-5-Dual-Audio-(Hindi English)-420p-By

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For example I have this file named test.txt on Desktop. I also have this file named test1.txt on Desktop.
Now to store that both files are visible we can use simLink.

Now open any text editor or word processor of your choice and write a test line. Since we are using file manager software that has simLink plugin we don’t need to open Finder. We just need to open simLink and click on the folder named Desktop.

When you write a test line simLink will automatically open that file and link text file of Desktop with test.txt in the simLink folder.

Similarly for test1.txt.

The rest is as easy as putting any text in Word or other documents.

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