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Taken collectively, it is argued that the NHL’s “Inside the Warrior” campaign is exemplary for exploring the crisis of masculinity inasmuch as it highlights how one major sport-entertainment-media partnership created, produced, and (re)presented a mythical form of hegemonic masculinity, a contemporary hockey warrior hero, for public consumption. Three aspects of the creative process are explored: (1) the context of the 2004-2005 NHL lockout season that led to the League’s ensuing relaunch and rebranding exercise for a new professional ice hockey product within the entertainment industry; (2) the promotional devices used in the campaign that accentuate its explicit hypermasculine “warrior” theme; and (3) interviews with executives from Conductor that offer important insights on their construction of a warrior theme and the existent nature of the crisis of masculinity. The first book to focus exclusively on hockey in print, Canadian Hockey Literature is an accessible work that challenges popular perceptions of a much-beloved national pastime.

Given data from the 2008/9-2011/12 National Hockey League seasons (a total of 4,920 games) reporting second-by-second goal and manpower differentials (which results in roughly 17.7 million observations), we estimate the state dependent transition rates and win probabilities. The data reveal that even after controlling for the home edge afforded by visiting teams being penalized more frequently than home teams, the goal scoring rate for the home team is higher than for visiting teams at most equivalent manpower differential levels. Sharks forward Kevin Labanc, who broke open the clash with a fantastic goal. He abruptly turns to stare directly at the camera as the door swings open. Awardees of such grants were presented with unparalleled opportunities to develop new and innovative educational initiatives affecting learners at multiple levels and in multiple disciplines and specialties. Findings and reflections are discussed in relation to the dual-concern model of conflict resolution, and strategies to help practitioners foster cooperative coach-parent relationships are presented. Following an ice hockey playbook, this article identifies 10 strategies and initiatives to “stay in the geriatrics game” by training hospitalists and subspecialty providers.

The lessons learned from the Donald W. Reynolds Foundation initiatives about effect and sustainability are invaluable to the ongoing strategic development of geriatrics nationally. This article highlights successful educational initiatives developed at four institutions with past and current Donald W. Reynolds Foundation funding. Watch the latest race highlights of this years Supercars Championship, featuring the best touring car racing action from down under. Kayo has Australia’s best new content across a range of sports. Now, you have another option when it comes to getting the sports tickets that you want. Sarah Balfour, 45, from London, is meant to be getting married to partner Lloyd Michaels, 47, on July 11 – having already postponed their nuptials once in August last year – but has decided to move it yet again. In field hockey players are only allowed to move the ball with the flattened side of a right-handed stick, and consequently it is easier for players to move the ball or retain ball possession on the right side of a player’s body.

We use the model to develop a new win probability added metric for evaluating individual players based on their incremental contribution to the probability of winning and illustrate its use and conservation properties. Coaches can also use this information to set goals for players and teams that specifically refer to offense and defense games. In general, the models were best at classifying forwards, highlighting that many of the official metrics are focused on the offensive measures and that it is harder to use official performance metrics alone to differentiate between top tier players. Pettigrew, S.: Assessing the offensive productivity of NHL players using in-game win probabilities. However, people pay little attention to Nike Dunk shoes which are only made for the basketball players. However, little research has examined the complex coach-parent relationship in the bidirectional interactions of the coach-parent-athlete triad. This research is particularly pertinent in elite youth sport, wherein the performance-oriented environment may impede the pursuit of PYD.

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