Environmental law

Environmental law is law of different environment problems.. There are lot of different problems that are prevailing in a environment like deforestation, climate change, pollution, spices extension, air pollution, environment pollution, waste management, containment cleanup, chemical safety, hunting and fishing. These issues threatens our future existence which also lead to social as people intentionally or not harming the environment political complex and physical complex as it includes land  . There is need to be aware about environment complexities.  This not only lead citizen to protect the environment but to care about future.

This legislation gives what need to be done as management of environment what is just, fair and and reasonable as may be suits environment.

After Mc Mehta case  this part of legislation is added up to education as judgement says environmental laws should be taught in secondary schools.

In India the Environmental law is not new concept as it was prevailing in our tradition, culture as seen in Indus Valley civilization they have focused on sanitization and many situations can be recorded where protection of environment is noted up. Even in Vedic period Arthasashtrya also mention punishment to not following the manner to protect environment ex. Cutting of trees, hunting of animal. Later At time of British many rules were framed that is followed up now also as to protection of environment with the issues of sea, deforestation etc.

Until Stockholm declaration of 1972, there was no specific legislation for environmental laws by realizing its high time to protect the environment ever since National council of environment policy and planning was set up to look after the environment related issues. Later body came up as ministry of Environment and forest which is established in 1985 and various acts introduced to protect the environment as it includes  to look into wildlife management wildlife protection act  1972, the water prevention and control of  pollution protection act 1974, the forest conservation act 1980, the environment protection act 1986 which aims to look at protection of environment, the biodiversity act of 2002 etc.

Environmental law is an up-and-coming area of law in an age of concern over the ‘footprint’ humans are leaving on our planet. It covers diverse areas such as climate control, sources of energy, pollution and Corporate Social Responsibility.



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