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Environment laws

Environment laws are to protect various aspects related to environment such as their quality and control arising issues related to Soil, Air, Water, Deforestation, Waste Management, Food safety and production, Acid rain, Contamination and clean up, pollution, Illegal hunting of endangered species and other animals, Chemical Safety and disposal, Global warming, Green house gas emission, Depletion of natural resources and Sustainability, carbon omission, etc. Environment is an important part of our life. Nature protects and take care of humans, animals and various different species. It provides everything we need such as medicines, food, cloth, shelter, forest, minerals, fisheries, etc. Environmental law is necessary to combat issues related to the environment and conservation of natural resources.

Environmental laws of India

  1. The National Green Tribunal Act, 2010 – It is an Act of the Parliament of India to provide the establishment of a National Green Tribunal ( NGT ) for the effective and expeditious disposal of the cases pertaining to environmental protection issues, conservation of forests and other natural resources.
  2. The Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1981 – It is an Act of the Parliament of India to control and prevent air pollution in India. This law was amended in 1987, it was the first attempt by the government of India to combat air pollution.
  3. The Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1974 – It is an Act to provide for the prevention, abatement and control of water pollution, maintenance or restoring of wholesomeness of water. It is designed to assess pollution levels and punish polluters.
  4. The Environment Protection Act, 1986 
    The Hazardous Waste Management Regulations – It is an umbrella legislation designed to provide a framework for the coordination of central and state authorities established under the Water Act, 1974 and the Air Act.
  5. The Forest (Conservation) Act, 1980
    It is an Act of the Parliament of India to provide for the conservation of forests. It was enacted by Parliament of India to control further deforestation of Forest Areas in India.
  6. The Wildlife Protection Act, 1972 – It is an Act of the Parliament of India enacted for protection of plants and animal species. The Act provides for the protection of wild animals, aquatic animals, birds and plants.
  7. The Hazardous Waste Management Regulations – Hazardous Waste Management Rules are notified to ensure safe handling, generation, processing, treatment, package, storage, transportation, use reprocessing, collection, conversion, and offering for sale, destruction and disposal of Hazardous Waste.
  8. Public Liability Insurance Act, 1991 – It is an act to provide for public liability insurance for the purpose of providing immediate relief to the persons affected by accident occurring while handling any hazardous substance ana accident.
  9. The Biological Diversity Act, 2002 – It is an Act enacted by the Parliament of India for the preservation of biological diversity in India, and provides mechanism for equitable sharing of benefits arising out of the use of traditional biological resources and knowledge.
  10. Coastal Regulation Zone Notification – India, CRZ rules govern human and industrial activity close to the coastline, in order to protect the fragile ecosystems near the sea.

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