Drones and its law in India

As technology is growing faster that make country developed and progressive. Advancement of technology makes work efficient and emerging technologies such as industrial robots , artificial intelligence and machine learning are advancing at rapid pace .

The electronic era which supervises the work to done before the time and in mannerly form . One of the greatest technological Invention  is drone That is a named aircraft essentially Adonis flying robot that can be remotely controlled  device .Drone technology has been used by many defense organization and tach -savvy consumers from long time .it sometimes referred to as “unnamed Aerial Vehicles” (UAVs) are meant to carry out tasks that range from mundane to the ultra-dangerous . Drones  are used in military purposes delivery purposes sometimes emergency and emergency rescues outer space is lateness and EU S airports have been secretly testing out unnamed aircraft geared towards space travel it can also be used by wildlife and historical conservations for dragging wildlife populations with no humans on the ground. Drones are  becoming instrumental purposes, and can be used for delivery of medicines, Photography .

It is basically aircraft that does not have human pilot. UAS have marked it utility in various sectors. It is encrypted with high resolution cameras to get accurate view. It is used for detecting terrorist activities and to enhance surveillance of network many ecommerce platforms are using this for delivery.

As long as related to drones in India it is not specific but in 2014 issued a public notice which  imposed ban on civil use of drones in the interest of national security. In June2020 the government published draft drone rules to frame dedicated legislation around it the regulations are draft drone rules 2020, drone regulations as nine date in Civil Aviation requirement in 2018.

According to India’s national aviation authority, the Ministry of Civil Aviation, flying a drone is legal in India, but we recommend being aware of and compliant with the drone regulations listed below before doing so.

There are various challenges let also faced by these advanced technological instruments that is unauthorized surveillance, security hazards, risk of accident which might be harmful for general citizens.

As per the I’m Aussie a notices the guidelines which has been provided should be followed up if not then radio sections of and then panel code that is section two eighty seven which is negligent conduct with respect to machinery, section 336 which is an act endangering life or personal safety of others, section 337 causing hurt by endangering life or personal safety of others, section 338 causing grievous hurt by act endangering life or personal safety of others any of these relevant sections of IPC if violated can be punished and it is also mandate to provide the necessary actions taken as per the section 11 of the aircraft act 1934 and section 161 of the aircraft rules 1937 or any statutory provisions


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