Domestic Violence from the perspective of Male as a victim’s is something which is never discussed or if it is discussed then there are very few people around us who talked about it reason is there is very less information available about it, and many times complains are never lodge.
According to the statistic data of the research done every year by Human Rights Organization – men out of 1000 of age group from 21 to 49 years in rural area 52% of male suffers and faces the gender violence in India, and 51% of male of the many rural and urban areas suffers with some kind of torture and harassment by their wives.
According to Section 3(a) of the Domestic Violence Act, 2005, domestic violence includes physical abuse, sexual abuse, verbal abuse, emotional abuse, and economic abuse.
“Aggrieved person” and “respondent” under Section 2 of the domestic violence act, it is observed that an aggrieved person can be a woman only, and a respondent can only be a male. So excluding the male as victim as per law does it talk about the “GENDER NUTRALITY” in our country? Why there is Stereotypical Assumption made by our society that male never face any type of domestic violence by their wives hand.
According to section 498 A of IPC – only man can be held liable for the cruelty to his wife and what if the women is doing same with her husband where the man will urge for the help if his own country’s law does not support him, If the Man stands against the domestic violence he suffers and if he complains about it he is called as “Effeminate or Feeble”.
MAN ARE SEEN AS PREPETRATOR AND NOT AS A VICTIM this is our society reality when a women dial 100 and PCR arrives and she complains about the Domestic Violence she is listened and her FIR get lodged but when same thing is done by man he had never been heard in fact police suspects him as culprit and the society where he lives and the family the relatives makes him guilty without knowing the truth they will prove him as guilty then what about the words that our law says us “INNOCENT UNTIL PROOVEN GUILTY” .
Syed Ahmed Makhdoom suicide case
In this case, the husband was mentally tortured and humiliated by the wife as she accused his family of dowry and domestic violence. The real story behind it was that the wife was having an extra-marital affair and the husband gave her option to either move on with her lover or to start their married life again. But the wife wanted to end the marriage. After a point of time, tired of all the false allegations of domestic violence and dowry, the husband, not left with any other option, decided to end his life and made a video just before he committed suicide.
It is not only one case where a man have to suffer from the harassment and false domestic violence cases there are many more where man have to suffer from such false allegations and due to which their lives get ruined.
There is a social stigma around the society that man is the only one who harass their wives many institution are set up for helping women in need and what about the male of the society have we heard about any such institution which supports man from such type of violence led by their wives I guess no because according to the Patriarchy society where we live it states that male are only dominating one here and women are suppressed always.
But in Reality the world is changing and anyone whether it is male or female anyone can suffer such type of harassment. And lack of the Gender Neutral laws is the main reason many man does not report the violence and abuse they suffer.
When any Men’s Rights Activist talk about the men rights they are seen as criminal in our society people label them with anti-women which is false if they are demanding rights for men of the society it does not mean they are against the women rights its simple they are just talking about what is right and what is wrong they are supporting Gender Neutral laws implementation.
There is a need to amend our domestic violence laws and other laws where it is stated that only female can be said to be suffer as victim when we as citizens talk about the gender neutrality in every field then why not here any one can be the victim any person can suffer cruelty. Our laws also need to make provisions where male sufferings from such harassment are heard and get justice. The misuse of gender bias laws is not just injustice for men but also for women too so these laws should not be misused by anyone of us.
Human Rights and Gender Equality belongs to both men and women so claiming false charges of domestic violence and rapes and sexual assault is wrong this means as women we are miss using our rights, Our country is changing slowly and gradually so new laws and new amendments are hope for the men of the society that their rights and their privileges are also secure and protected here.
We need to make changes not only in the legal sector but also in our society as a citizen we need to change our mentality that only male are the culprit every time and stop blaming and ruining the person life without knowing the truth . Every person have right to tell their side story without any gender biasness in between.
We need to know and tell everyone its ok if a male cries it’s okay if he gets hurts and its ok if he complains he is a human and he do have right to express his pain and sadness so stop telling them you are weak and men don’t feel pain they are strong because they are not the are human as we are, start telling them they are free to do anything they want to and we as their family , as a society won’t judge them .

Monisha Acharya

An aspiring lawyer in process.

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