Women from each social background have once suffered domestic violence regardless of their age, religion, caste, or class. A violent crime not solely affects her but her kids however conjointly have wider implications for society. The basis behind the crime is difficult to decipher, however the explanations behind the violence is similar to the stereotyping of gender roles, and the distribution of power. The definition of violence has evolved over the years to associate degree extent that it not solely includes physical sorts of violence however emotional, mental, financial, and different sorts of cruelty.

Every different instances of force at intervals the home got to be restrained beneath the offences that the individual acts of violence legitimate beneath the IPC with none relation to the gender of the victim.

The Protection of women from domestic violence Act, 2005 was enacted to reduce the cumbersome position of law, be it procedural or substantive and to shield the women from acts of force. 

V Sarma, 15 SCC 755 whereby it had been explicit that the domestic violence Act is enacted to supply a remedy in civil law for the protection of women, from being victims of such relationship, and to forestall the incidence of force within the society. 

The Act to supply for simpler protection of the rights of women bonded beneath the Constitution UN agency area unit victims of violence of any kind occurring at intervals the family and for matters connected there upon or incidental to that.

Ramanjeet Kahai, 2011 SCC on-line Bom 412 reiterated that the thing of the Domestic Violence Act is to grant statutory protection to victims of violence within the domestic sector.

The Act provides for security and protection of an adult female regardless of her proprietary rights in her residence. It aims at protecting the adult female against violence and at the bar of return of acts of violence.

Aggrieved Person

The Supreme Court had ascertained in one among the cases that prescript does not modification the standing of the adult female as associate degree “aggrieved person” beneath Section a pair of browse with Section 12 and does not finish the “domestic relationship” beneath Section a pair. It gives explicit mere suspension of husband-wife relationship and not an entire severance of relationship as happens in divorce.

Domestic Relationship

The law addresses the issues of women of all ages regardless of their legal status. The Supreme Court more explicit that the word domestic relationship suggests that a relationship that has some inherent or essential characteristics of wedding although not a wedding that is lawfully recognized. Expression “relationship within the nature of marriage” cannot be construed within the abstract. It’s to be taken within the context during which it seems and to be applied bearing in mind the aim and object of Domestic Violence Act furthermore as which means of the expression “in the character of marriage”

Shared household

This may embrace all types of things whether or not the home is closely-held by the respondent or it’s rented accommodation. It conjointly includes either a house closely held together by the aggrieved person and the respondent or each could have together or individually, any rights, titles or interests. The force Act acknowledges a woman’s right to reside in a very shared home. That the link with the alternative party is “domestic relationship”

The slender interpretation of “domestic relationship” and “shared household” would depart many woman in distress while not remedy. “Domestic violence” may be a broad term that entails not solely physical beating however conjointly different sorts of violence like emotional violence, mental violence, sexual violence, monetary violence and different sorts of cruelty that will occur at intervals a home.

It more enunciates that the general facts and circumstances of the case shall be taken into thought to see whether any act, omission, commission or conduct of the respondent constitutes “domestic violence” beneath the aforementioned section.

Who will ask for facilitate or will claim reliefs beneath the domestic violence Act?

A woman will file a grievance against associate degree man offender UN agency commits an act of violence. She will conjointly file a grievance against any male or feminine relatives of the husband/ male partner UN agency has perpetrated violence. The Supreme Court in Hiral P. Expression “respondent” in Section a pair of or persons UN agency is treated as perpetrators of violence against women/against whom remedies beneath the force Act area unit unjust cannot be restricted to expression “adult male person” in Section a pair of. Thus, remedies beneath the force Act area unit accessible even against a feminine member and against non-adults.

Filing a grievance of domestic violence

The Supreme Court stressed that the Police must explore the grievance created beneath the force Act seriously and it cannot submit a report that no case is created out while not correct verification, investigation, enquiry not solely from members of family however conjointly from neighbors, friends etc.


Directing the respondent to secure same level of alternate accommodation for the aggrieved person as enjoyed by her within the shared home or to pay rent for constant, if the circumstances thus need. The availability clause for the section states that no order shall be passed beneath clause against someone UN agency may be a woman.


Under Section twenty of DV Act, associate degree order for financial relief is gone by the court just in case a woman has incurred expenditure as results of violence. This might embrace expenses incurred by a woman on getting medical treatment, any loss of earnings, harm to property, etc. The aggrieved person may claim for maintenance from her male partner. just in case there’s a failure partly of the respondent to form payment in terms of the financial order, the official could direct the leader or a human of the respondent, to directly pay to the aggrieved person or to deposit with the court a little of the wages or salaries or debt thanks to or increased to the credit of the respondent, that quantity is also adjusted towards the financial relief owed by the respondent.


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