Domestic violence, it is a social and legal concept that, in the broadest sense, refers to any abuse—including physical, emotional, sexual, or financial—between  partners, often living in the same household. The term is often used specifically to designate physical assaults upon women by their male partners, but, though rarer, the victim may be a male abused by his female partner, and the term may also be used regarding abuse of both women and men by same-sex partners.

  1. The victim can apply for any of the reliefs recognized under this law i.e. a protection order, monetary relief, custody order, residence order or a compensation order.
  2. The victim can use the services of certain official Service Providers.
  3. The victim can approach a Protection Officer and ask them for help.
  4. The victim can ask for free legal aid.
  5. The victim can also file a criminal complaint under the general law on crimes (the Indian Penal Code, 1860). Please note that filing a criminal complaint can put the offenders in jail for up to three years. The victim must have suffered a graver degree of abuse (i.e. cruelty) to be able to file a complaint.



The punishment is imprisonment for upto three years and a fine.

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