As we all know there are different basic things in legal field and as a lawyer and as a law student we should be aware about it , like how do you address the judge , are we using correct terms to address them. So let us know about it more
As in reel world we see many different aspect of the law field and in reality it is totally different at many places.

To find out the answer to this question first of all let us talk about the word “SALUTATION” – these are the words which tell us about whenever we meet someone how we address them like many time we call – sir , madam, Mr. , Miss
So how do we address the judge in the court room? According to the – Advocates Act section 49 states that – It give power to the Bar Council of India to make rules i.e. when we can become the member of Bar Council of India , when they can be disqualified and what is education criteria and what type of professional conduct and etiquette  should be followed by an Advocate.

Recently Karnataka court Judge requested the advocate to avoid the word ‘My Lord’ and ‘Your Lordship for addressing him and instead of that advocates should use the terms that are correct according to Indian Condition i.e. saying ‘Sir’ will be enough.

In Haryana and Punjab High court also similar request was made in front of Bar council member , that they should avoid using terms such as ‘Your Lordship’ , ‘My Lord’ ; Obliged and Grateful type of words.

Ex – Chief Justice OF India – S.A BOBDE said that saying YOUR HONOUR is practice of United Nation and not of India.

In 2014, Advocate Shiv Sagar Tiwari filed a PIL saying that the use of word – lordship, my lord, your honor, etc. Were denoted at slavery time in British time Period so these words should be banned.

This case was held by – then chief justice of India H.L DATTU and Justice S.A. BOBDE – The court dismiss this PIL and said when did we say that using these terms are compulsory , in court you can use any respected term to address the Judges.
In 2006, the Bar council of India published its resolution in the Gazette of India which reads –
Supreme Court & High Courts dignity and respect should be kept for which they can be addressed with the terms such as “Your Honor” or “Hon’ble Court.

While in Subordinate Courts and Tribunals they can use terms such as “sir” or equivalent word in respective regional languages.

And for this change BCI gave reason that- MY LORD, AND LORDSHIP type terms were used during British Colonial time and instead of them more respectful terms should be used. Part VI Chapter 3A tell us more about this.

SO in coming time Bar Council of India and judges around the country are in way to eradicate all such terms i.e. my lord, my lordship, your honor etc. from legal system of country and are in way to adopt all the words that are in favor of Indian condition for use.

Monisha Acharya

An aspiring lawyer in process.

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