Directive Principle of State Policy

The Indian Constitution aspires to provide not only political democracy but also socioeconomic fairness to the people in order to create a welfare state. Part IV of our Constitution is dedicated to this goal, and it lays out desirable principles and guidelines. The Directive Principle of State Policy is the name given to these regulations.

Part IV of the Constitution Of india contains the Directive Principles of State Policy (DPSP), which were derived from the Irish constitution. The concept behind the DPSP is to create a ‘Welfare State’. In other terms, the addition of DPSP is motivated by the goal of building economic and social equality in the state, not political democracy. These are some basic principles, instructions, or guidelines for the government to follow when drafting and enforcing the country’s legislation and rules.

Directive Principles of State Policy are guidelines issued to both the federal and state administrations. These concepts are important in the country’s government, despite the fact that they are not enforceable. The Irish Republic inspired the concept of Directive Principles of State Policy in our country. They were enshrined in our Constitution to promote economic fairness and prevent wealth accumulation in the hands of a few individuals. As a result, no government can afford to turn a blind eye to them. In reality, they are directions to future governments to include people in the choices and policies that they will create.

DPSPs were not initially categorised under the Indian Constitution, but they are typically grouped into three kinds based on their substance and direction. i.e., Socialistic Principles, Gandhian Principles and,Liberal-Intellectual Principles.

Socialistic Principles are the guiding principles that aim to achieve social and economic justice and pave the way for the welfare state.

Articles 39: The State should, in particular, direct its policies toward ensuring that all people have the right to an adequate means of subsistence.

Material resource ownership and control must be organised in a way that serves the general benefit.The state must avoid wealth concentration in a few hands.Both men and women should be paid equally for equal labour. The workers’ strength and health are safeguarded.Childhood and adolescence are not to be exploited.

Article 41: To guarantee the right to labour, education, and public aid in the event of unemployment, old age, illness, or handicap.

Article 42: The state should provide for equitable and humane working conditions as well as maternity leave.

Article 43: The state shall make every effort to provide a livable wage and a reasonable standard of living to all employees.

Article 43A: The government must take efforts to ensure that employees are involved in the administration of industries.

Article 47: To enhance people’s nutrition and living standards while also improving public health.

Gandhian Principles 

These values are based on Gandhian ideology, which was utilised to symbolise Gandhi’s reconstruction agenda throughout the national struggle. They direct the state to do the following under several articles:

Article 40 Establish village panchayats and provide them with the necessary rights and authority to act as self-governing bodies.

Article 43 Promote cottage businesses in rural regions on an individual or cooperative basis Article 43B Promote co-operative societies’ voluntary creation, independent operation, democratic governance, and professional management.

Article 46 Promote the educational and economic interests of SCs, STs, and other marginalised groups in society, as well as their protection against social injustice and exploitation.

Article 47 makes it illegal to use intoxicating beverages and substances that are harmful to one’s health.

Article 48 prohibits the killing of cows, calves, and other milch and draught animals, and encourages breed improvement.

Liberal-Intellectual Principles

Liberalism’s philosophy is reflected in these principles. They direct the state to do the following under several articles:

44th Article Ensure a consistent civil code for all citizens across the country.

Article 45 Ensure that all children get early childhood care and education until they reach the age of six.

Article 48 Modernize and scientifically organise agriculture and animal husbandry.

Article 49: Monuments, locations, and objects of aesthetic or historic interest that have been designated as national treasures are protected

50th Article Separate the judiciary from the executive branch of government in the public sector

Article 51 Maintaining equitable and honourable relations between states and promoting worldwide peace and security

The importance of DPSPs cannot be underestimated simply because they are  unenforceable in any court of law. These principles were introduced to help with the country’s governance and seamless operation. It was introduced to satisfy a country’s major goals and ultimate goal, which is to strive for the welfare of its inhabitants. Because the above-mentioned material includes some significant Acts, we can’t conclude that DPSPs aren’t used or aren’t relevant.

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