Diplomats are Government representatives who are sent by one country to live and work in another country and to serve as intermediaries between the two countries. It is the skill for dealing with people effectively in a positive way including the foreign relations with other countries. Security, Prosperity, Democracy and Development are the great pillars of diplomacy.  Diplomacy are of these types: Ad-hoc diplomacy, Classical diplomacy and then Multilateral diplomacy. The different  pillars of Indian diplomacy is Indian in thought — tradition of the Middle Path that arises from the teachings of Buddhism. India tends to avoid extreme strategic and political behavior.

The Vienna Convention grants special priviledges and immunities to diplomats, on the grounds that these are necessary to allow performance of official duties without outside interference or constraint. Some examples of privileges are exemption from customs on goods that diplomats import for their own or their family’s use, from property taxes on mission property, from income taxes for pay received for their diplomatic duties, and from military obligations.

For example:

  • At present India is facing border issues with China so diplomacy is needed at this time ;means role of diplomatic agents are very much required to settle the matter in issue; failure on their part of duty may lead to a war between the countries.
  • Involvement of RAW in securing diplomatic relation with Colombo, which enabled India to implement Indian Maritime deal with Colombo and lessened Chinese intervention or surge of power over the Indian Ocean Littoral. This diplomatic undertaking was presumably more discrete and delicately handled because there were lot of moving parts and India had so much to loose. This should be an opportunity to express that Indian diplomats and MEA has tailored a foreign policy to control the concentric strategic circles

Foreign policy establishes goals, prescribes strategies, and sets the broad skills to be used in their accomplishment. It may employ secret agents, subversion, war, or other forms of violence as well as diplomacy to achieve its objectives. Diplomacy is the principal substitute for the use of force or underhanded means in statecraft. The purpose of foreign policy is to promote a state’s interests, which are derived from geography, history and economics and the distribution of international power. Safeguarding national independence, security, and integrity ;territorial, political, economic, and moral—is viewed as a country’s primary obligation, followed by preserving a wide freedom of action for the state. The political leaders who are of  sovereign states, who devise foreign policy pursue what they perceive to be the national interest, adjusting national policies to changes in external conditions and technology. The Ministry of External Affairs is the global arm of the government and has a global footprint and presence, the Foreign Secretary noted. The second pillar of Indian diplomacy is its multipolar focus.  India has one of the most understaffed diplomatic forces of any major country in the world. Based on 2014 calculations there are about 2,700 “diplomatic rank” officers in overseas missions and at headquarters.

Diplomacy in limelight –INDIA and CHINA: Challenges in front of India.

China is the only major country that had a positive growth rate at the end of 2020, and its economy is poised to grow even faster in 2021. Militarily, China has further strengthened itself and now seeks to dominate the Indo-Pacific Ocean with its announcement of its third aircraft carrier’s launch in 2021. In this context, any breakthrough in Sino-Indian relations is unlikely to occur, and the confrontation between Indian and Chinese armed forces is expected to continue.


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