difference between summon and warrant trial

Summon Case     Warrant Case
1-     Summon case refers to the offence which is not a warrant case


Warrant case includes the cases which are punishable with death and imprisonment for life.
2-     The summon cases are simpler and speedier The warrant case takes more time and is complicated
3-     In summon case the accused has only one opportunity for cross-examination In warrant cases, the accused has more opportunity for cross-examination.
4-     The magistrate is empowered to convert summon case into a warrant case In a warrant case, the magistrate cannot convert the warrant case into a summon case.
5-     In the summon case the after the issue of the summon the accused is pleading guilty by post without appearing to the magistrate There is such kind of provision is there.
6-     In the summon case it doesn’t,t give a greater opportunity for defence In the warrant case, it gives greater opportunity for defence.
7-      In the summon case framing for the formal case is not necessary In the warrant case, the framing of charges is compulsory.


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