Difference between culpable homicide and murder

There are many crimes, happenings, accidents and foul acts that keep happening on the daily bases.

Many are done on purpose and many just happens by mistake or by chance. These have been going on from forever. Between all the crimes there is one act called homicide i.e. ‘men killing men’. It is the humans only spread the crime, it is human cause the bodily harm to the other human being, it is the human who makes the society unsafe for everyone. Homicide is one the most dreadful act as it is the highest level of bodily harm that can be to one another.


In India, under Indian Penal Code such crimes and their punishments are defined.

In this article we will be discussing about

  1. Culpable homicide not amounting to murder
  2. Culpable homicide amounting to murder


Culpable homicide

All murders are culpable homicide but it isn’t true vice versa i.e. not all murders are culpable homicide

When not amounting to murder

Provided under Section 299 of the IPC, this section may be very similar to Section 300 i.e. Murder. The term ‘Likely’ on this Section performs an important function through pointing out the detail of ambiguity. It increases a doubt that the act of the accused may also or might not kill someone within side the present. This isn’t always the equal withinside the case of murder wherein the case probably isn’t always stated indicating any threat of ambiguity. This method the act or omission will sincerely cause death.


This consists of some essentials that must have taken place

Firstly, there must be death (killing of an unborn child is excluded), secondly, the death which took place was caused by some kind of illegal action or omission. The action must of a nature which may cause harm or is endanger someone’s life. Thirdly, Intention plays a very critical role in determining the course of the act. The intention here means the expectation of a consequence. The accused wants to ensure that particular results follow by acting in such a manner that death is caused in reality. Thus, if one pushes someone for a joke but the person falls on his head causing brain injury and dies, there was no intention of causing death but when one pushes a person deliberately with the idea that the person falls and dies, in this case, the act is to cause death. To decide whether the bodily injury is likely to cause death or not, three things are to be seen: part of the body where the injury was caused; nature of injury; and the nature of the weapon.

When it amounts to murder

Provided below Section 300 of the Indian Penal Code, Murder is a barely narrower sort of Culpable Homicide. All the necessities of a Culpable Homicide are to be fulfilled right here as properly however we specifically search for the factor “in all probability”. It is subjected to numerous exceptions namely: Grave and surprising provocation. The immoderate exercising of the proper of personal defense. Public servant performing in right faith. An act devoted in a surprising fight. Consent in case of passive euthanasia. The prosecution ought to show four things,

First, the physical damage is present. Second, the character of the damage ought to be proved. Third, it ought to be proved that there has been an goal to inflict that specific physical damage, lastly, the attention ought to be proved that the damage of the sort is enough to purpose loss of life within side the regular direction of nature.


For committing Culpable Homicide now no longer amounting to homicide will be punished with imprisonment for existence or imprisonment for a time period which might also additionally amplify to 10 years, and exceptional and the identical is furnished beneath Section 304. For committing Culpable Homicide amounting to homicide the punishment is the dying penalty or imprisonment for existence and additionally at risk of pay exceptional. And the identical is furnished beneath Section 302.

The mitigating elements play a important function in figuring out the quantum of punishment that might be offered through the Court. Only in instances that are ‘rarest of uncommon and the cruelty could be very excessive will the courtroom docket award a dying sentence in any other case maximum homicide instances, a existence sentence is offered. The that means of the expression ‘past affordable doubt’ is also vital and if now no longer happy might also additionally stand within side the manner of conviction. Its absence determines the self assurance of the decide and presence may be made use of, through the accused at instances even to be acquitted.

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