Die-cut boxes customized in any form style and size

Custom die-cut boxes wholesale:

Custom die-cut boxes are gaining popularity in Pakistan due to their pleasing look. You don’t need to open the box for customer confirmation. He can quickly examine the product without opening the box. But some manufacturers are getting the benefit of its demand and selling die cut boxes at high rates, which is quite exploitative.

We aren’t like other avaricious packaging solutions. With customboxes.pk, you will always find custom boxes at affordable prices with no hidden fees. That is why we strongly advise you to purchase wholesale custom die-cut boxes. Also, it’s the holiday season, and we offer a flat rate on custom boxes worldwide, including in Pakistan. So, take advantage of this golden opportunity and place your order right away.

Christmas-themed custom die-cut boxes wholesale:

The Christmas community respects us in the same way that Muslims do. That is why we created Christmas-themed die-cut boxes to brighten Christmas treats in Pakistan. These boxes are decorated with die-cut images of snowmen, snowflakes, trees, bells, red stars, and Santa Claus. We used red, gold, and silver stamp foiling to make the Christmas box sparkle. The red foiling represents the color of Christmas and Santa Claus’s outfit. That’s why we’ve used it so frequently to outline die-cut borders. Gold foiling creates a majestic goldish shine, while silver foiling creates a moon-like glam.

Other stamp foiling suggestions for Christmas-themed die-cut borders:

  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Metallic foil (silver, gold, blue, copper, red, and green)
  • Rose Gold foil
  • Embossed Foil (Any Color)
  • Holographic foil

Custom die-cut boxes for food items packaging:

The humidity level is significant for food preservation. Food items such as bread, cakes, and cream become hard when humidity is low. Alternatively, the food becomes soggy and stale if the humidity level is high. That is why we use long-lasting, perforation-free, custom die-cut boxes for food packaging. We use stable PVC sheets for die-cut covering, so no environmental factors pass through the window.

Furthermore, for die-cut food boxes, we use food-grade material. As a result, the box’s surface is safe for direct interaction.

Custom gift die-cut boxes:

Gift themes are also available for them in die-cut boxes. We used outstanding enhancements to give it an eye-catching finish. You are free to put whatever you want on it. Here are some possibilities:

  1. Crafted flowers and bows:

The handcrafted flowers and bows look adorable on the custom die-cut box. You can make tiny flowers to outline the die cut boxes wholesale windows or use them on the box’s other sides. Flowers and bows can be made from valet or woven fabric. Alternatively, use bright ribbons and glittery strips.

  1. Multi shades ribbons and ropes:

If you want to give a surprising feeling to the taker, tie the box with multi shades ribbons. You can use glittery beads strips too. It provides an incredible feel and creates attraction with its elegant look.

  1. Handles:

The heavy-weight product boxes are difficult to transport. Handles of various shapes can be made. To make it easier to transport. It not only solves the carrying issue, but it also saves money on shopping bags because it has already been handled. Ribbons and ropes can also make it more unique and enchanting.

  1. Inside printing option:

Inside printing will provide the buyer with a memorable unboxing experience. Inside, printing in a single color is possible. White and black are the most commonly used colors, but other colors, such as pink, yellow, blue, and so on, can be used for bakery items or macron boxes. You can do 24k gold printing on packages for luxury items such as watches, perfumes, jewelry, and so on. Gold represents wealth. When you use gold, it increases the value and cost of the product.

  1. custom die-cut boxes with foam inserts:

For luxurious and fragile items, we recommend using custom foam inserts. Inserts are most commonly used in black, charcoal, and grey. We can do flocking on the higher end of the budget if you want colorful foam inserts. Use EVA foam if you wish to full-color foam inserts. But keep in mind that it is expensive but ideally long-lasting.

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