Developmental Disability Services


Developmental disability services give people with disabilities the tools to reach their personal objectives. HeartShare takes an individualized approach, encouraging individuals to take control of their lives while dismantling barriers such as stigma and discrimination.

OPWDD operates 13 developmental disability service offices around Oregon, offering a comprehensive array of community-based and family support services.


Many individuals living with developmental disability service providers melbourne are able to live independently; however, others require round-the-clock assistance in order to thrive. The Foundling provides residential, home and community based services tailored towards those individuals in greatest need.

A well-crafted plan can guide someone towards independence and help them live their best life. This may involve the services of a care coordinator, family caregiver, or both. The most successful outcomes are achieved with an individualized budget and person-centered strategy.

Similar to a house, people living with intellectual or developmental disabilities must maintain their health and wellbeing in order to reach true independence. HeartShare works hard to keep people on track and help them reach their highest potential through an array of services, programs and resources that make life better for all involved. Most importantly, HeartShare strives to give adults opportunities to connect with others and their communities – something which can only be accomplished through collaboration and partnerships.


Developmental disability is a term for intellectual or developmental impairments that adversely impact an individual’s capacity to learn, communicate and function in daily life. There are various types of disabilities.

Common neurological conditions include autism spectrum disorder, cerebral palsy and other neurological impairments. These illnesses affect multiple parts of a person’s brain and body, impairing learning abilities, motor skills and communication.

Sensory related disorder is a disability that impairs sensory processing of information such as sight, sound, taste or touch. Children with this condition may be born with a physical birth defect or develop it after exposure to toxic substances during pregnancy.

Inclusion is the process of ensuring people with disabilities have equal opportunities to take part in all aspects of society. This could include engaging in educational, social and recreational activities.

Inclusion also involves accessing adequate health care, living within a community and developing relationships. Furthermore, inclusion requires that services are tailored to meet people’s individual needs and desires.

Developmental disability (DD), first defined in 1975 federal legislation now known as “The DD Act,” refers to a group of lifelong conditions that arise during development and cause some level of functional limitation in learning, communication, behavior, cognition or mobility. Common conditions include intellectual disability, autism spectrum disorders, cerebral palsy epilepsy and spina bifida.

Services for people with Down syndrome can be both challenging and costly. But this can be overcome by taking into account each person’s individual preferences and abilities and creating a plan to support those objectives. This may include helping an individual gain independence, enhance self-determination and self-advocacy abilities, as well as helping them navigate the world more successfully.


Developmental disability is an umbrella term for a range of conditions that start during childhood and last throughout life. These disabilities may present with physical, cognitive, language or behavioral aspects.

These include intellectual disability, autism spectrum disorder, ADHD and cerebral palsy.

People with developmental disabilities often require assistance with daily living skills like personal care, safety and communication. Merakey staff offer a range of in-home services as well as referrals to therapy services if necessary.

The Division of Developmental Disabilities provides services to individuals with autism, cerebral palsy, spina bifida and traumatic brain injuries. These include 24-hour care at five developmental centers as well as supervised apartments and family care homes throughout the State.

Recently, HeartShare has transitioned away from restrictive institutions known as Developmental Centers to homes in the community for adults with disabilities. This change has helped break down barriers that had been a source of discrimination and stigma against this group for many years.

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