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Leiji – Bushli Tear: Pites has the right to participate in the competition
The debate that the Minnesota Viking Triace Run Adrian Peterson was continued to continue due to the accused reckless or negligence caused children’s injury. Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton issued a statement, saying that supporting the Viking’s professional bowls, but not everyone agrees with his views.

Evans is expected to come back this week
After absence the first week of the game, Tampa Gulf, Mike Evans, has been prepared for the second week of competition. However, when talking about Evans, the head coach Lovie-Smith adopted more conservative attitude: “He did more every day, this is a good thing. All players hope the team Can say & lsquo; you are ready to be ready to be ready last week. This week he is close to the completion, but we still need more time to make a decision. “

Recently, Watt received an interview: “I have to face reality because I need a game, this will have a result, I can’t walk 50 years old, I can’t walk. At that time, I will say & lsquo; you are young when you are young. But now this is what I need to do. “

JJ Watt admits that it may go to 50 years old and cannot walk
Last season of Houston Dezhou defensive players JJ Watt (JJWATT) still got his own third best defensive player in the case of injury, this is the only celebration player Lawrence-Taylor completed Over.

Although Green Bay is currently in the ranks of the competition season, because Clinton Dix is thinking that you will not stay for a long time, the package is likely to think about what is more cost-effective.

Packaging Safe Safety, Sanitary, Dixi, is traded to red skin
Beijing October 31, according to ESPN reporter Adam Schefter, the packaging worker has traded safely Weihaha-Clinton Dix (Ha-ha clinton DIX) to the red skin, the red skin chip is a Four rounds in 2019.

Evans participated in a small number of training this week, and the positioning given in the official injury report was “doubt.” Evans said: “The training team is very good, I feel much better. I have been looking forward, I hope this week can be played.” Evans added: “They have more experience than me, they hope that I hope I can Before playing 100%. I understand what they are so cautious, let us see what happens on Sunday. “

Last season, Watt was hurt in the left hand, the back is highlighted, and the five muscle tears are still completed 17.5 times, 32 four-point guard, 26 manufacturing quartz guards, 8 times touch, 3 times Manufacturing the ball and get a drop of the ball once.

Since the addition of the package, Clinton Dix is playing all the games and all served as the first. His joins will provide a stronger defense for the Hongki second line, so that the team consolidates the hope of the country.

Tuesday, Tuesday, the lions announced that the team’s best defensive players in the team were placed in the injury reserve list, which means that Levi’s 2015 season has ended in advance. Subsequently, the lions announced that James-Michael Johnson entered the list of 53 people.

The lion will be put into the injury reserve list
The Detroit lion’s 2015 season is a bad, even if it is a defensive defense that has a first-class level of the league last season. Before the start of this season, the team and line Guide Andre Levy were agreed in a four-year contract, a contract worth $ 33.7 million. But it seems that this payment will not have any gains in this competition.

This season, Levi only appeared very limited number of powers, then chose to treat the injured hips in October. The 28-year-old line guards obviously take longer to restore their injuries. The lion has been difficult to have in this season. I hope that the new Levi led the lion defensive group to come backwards next season.

Watt told reporters: “Last season is the worst year of my body, I need to fight with injuries, my handfractor has been highlighted, my groin is also a problem, but I don’t think everyone can understand each person. Among them. “

Recently, Botels recently said: “I have said that they are the first, they are very special.” This problem is difficult to discuss clearly, and the data will look at Robinson completed 14 batches last season, and Hez has completed 10, and it expresses his eyes.

When the host clear question Bush “Do you think that when your child’s behavior is wrong, consider how to whipped her” “, Bush replied:” I may consider – like what I said, depending on her. What. I remember in my childhood growth stage, I am very naughty, causing a lot of trouble. I will not reveal what I did at the time, but you know that the child is a child. (Lesson children Is some of my parents, I am learning now. As I said, I have a one-year-old child. In the future, I will do a lot of things, I will fall into trouble. At that time, I can do it is an objective justice. They, this is what I will do. I will make the right judgment. I don’t have to play her ass, because I hope that she will not do bad things in the future. I need to beat her ass. But I have to remember that the child is a child, no matter what I did, no matter what lesson I gave her, it is for love, for my daughter, for my daughter, for my children. “


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