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IPL 2019 HD LIVE GAME LIST India vs Suresh Yadav and others
Download game or software on your computer that you can play. [N]otify me of follow-up comments by email. Follow.
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Medium Brief : DPMP Player is a standalone Flash Video Player.
*Game description: Gameplay/Synopsis: An AI-controlled helperbot coproducer, Crash, completes the team’s mission objectives.
Introduction/Features: Why play this game and why this game: Description: This
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Manufacturer: (10/10) · Art/Graphics : (10/10) · Sound : (10/10) · Gameplay : (10/10) ·
This is the Windows version of Desprezzo’s “Adult Swim.”
Today’s Best PC Games » Desprezzo Store
Description: Crash. Or a disembodied robotic voice.
Technical specifications:..Q:

How to store static variables in Database in

I want to store the static variables in my database.
Now is the right way to store a static variables in my database?


Storing constants in SQL Server is pretty simple.
If you were using SQL Server, in all likelihood you’re already using this. However, if you’re using Oracle or MySQL… since they don’t have table-column support for constants, you’ll have to use a settings table if you want to store static data.
I prefer to create an entry-point settings class to store the static properties, and have properties that expose the values in the settings class… but that may be too complicated for you.
For example:
public class Settings
public static string Foo { get; set; }
public static string Bar { get; set; }

public string GetFoo()
return Settings.Foo;

public void SetF

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