DellOptiplex780PciSerialPort ##TOP##

DellOptiplex780PciSerialPort ##TOP##



the delloptiplex780pciserialport driver supports a wide variety of dell optiplex 780 pci-based serial ports, including:

  • ad1882 (cs4410)
  • ad1882 (cs4420)
  • cs4420 (d-dps2164-12)
  • cs4420 (d-dps2164-32)
  • cs4420 (d-dps2164-16)

notes on the above list:

  • see the list of supported items here for a list of supported ports on the dell optiplex 740 and 740 series.
  • the cs4420 port on the 740 series is not compatible with the cs4410 port. this driver will not work with the cs4420.
  • the cs4420 and cs4410 ports on the dell optiplex 790 are not compatible with this driver. this driver will not work with the cs4420 or cs4410.
  • the cs4420 on the dell optiplex 790 is a replacement for the 3com rs-422 port. this driver will not work with 3com cs4420 ports.
  • the cs4420 and cs4410 ports on the dell optiplex 780/680 are not supported by this driver.

supported platforms

  • linux for powerpc, x86_64, ia64

driver package version


this node contains of all the information stored on the dell optiplex serial port, and it is often used as the port base address in the oprom. it is referenced by other node as the delloptiplexserialpx node.

 serial : ids_serial_port serialportbaudrate : bus speed serialparity : parity serialstopbits : number of stop bits serialdatabits : number of data bits serialrts : use rts serialcts : use cts serialxonchar : use xon char serialxoffchar : use xoff char serialhandshake : handshaking type serialflowcontrol : enable flow control serialhardwareflowcontrol : hardware flowcontrol 

inherited from cfg86hcserialport inherited from cfm86hcserialport

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PCI SERIAL PORT OPTIPLEX 7020 DRIVER Dell Optiplex 780 Pci Serial Port Driver .
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Category:Medalists at the 1974 Asian Games M. Ue, T. Kobayashi, A. Ohkur, Y. Hashimoto, T. R. Thurston, Y. Nishio, Y. H. Matsuda, Phys. Rev. B [**60**]{}, R3793 (1999); T. Miyamachi, S. Okuyama, N. Tajima, Phys. Rev. B [**60**]{}, R5125 (1999).

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