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Lindsay last season as a rookie joining the wild horse and started just a team of running guards, but eventually he was 1037 yards as a season, and selected a professional bowl. His rookie season was terminated in advance due to the right hand wrist injury in the Auckland raid in the Auckland raid in December 24. Linday is subject to surgical treatment of ligament injury and has been absencing the team. He only participated in strength and physical training in the rest training and mini training camp.

Johnson said in the show: “I think (Rosen) will become one of the most dominated four-point guards in the alliance. & Hellip; & hellip; (Murray) will be very great, he will let the defensive front line fear. I and money When Chandler Jones conversation, he said when he chased (Murray), he would hesitate. “

Steve Smith: The opponent should increaseThis season Steve Smith will issue some interesting remarks from time to time. After this week, after 21-7 game, he discussed the weight of the opponent without any counseling. Just combined with what happened at the time, his remarks were a little absurd. In the fourth quarter, 5 minutes and 04 seconds, the crow chose a sports attack, Smith is entangled with the opponent Wowesley – Wesley Woodyard during the opening process. During the period, he continued to squeeze through the body, hit the opponent, and finally pulled the opponent down. Subsequently, the referee was clearly pressed, and the smithlai foul was sentenced.

Former Dolphins Professional Bowl DrinkingOne of the players of the Dolphin Perfect season, the striker in the selection of professional bowls, Bob Kuechenberg, died on Saturday, USA, at the age of 71.

Smith is obviously very uncomfortable. After his game, he blamed the problem in Titan’s coach and the physical quality: “I just hit him with the body. I think the result is enough to explain the problem, their fitness instructor is very problematic, the player lacks forces. Look, he is 5 feet 9 inch, only 194 pounds, or a line guard. I think he needs to gain weight. “

The wild horse coachvik-Fangji (VIC Fangio) said that Lin Sai will be able to return to training in the training camp in mid-July on March Wednesday. The wild horses end the mandatory mini training camp on Thursday.

“He knew he had matured and better control his emotions,” Mara said. “He is trying to do this. But for this child, he is a little for him. When he appeared in his work, no one was more difficult than him. He is very competitive, even in training. He is urgent Winning. “

Beckham is one of the best players in the league, and he should get this recognition. It until he is no longer such a player, the giant will not consider trying to change his performance on the field and the field.

Red Rhun running Johnson believes that Murray and Rosen will succeedOn June 17th, this year, this year, this year’s draft, the red ramp used the champion, and the Kyler Murray, followed by the No. 10 Xiu, Josh Rosen, who just won the transaction last year. Trading into dolphins. I want to prove that this operation is not a dizzy, and the Red Far should get a big success.

In the face of people’s questioning, Johnson is so responded: “People often underestimate his passive power. He can complete the short pass, the long biography is not there, and he often gives Christian (Christian Kirk) ) The people are far-reaching Ball & Hellip; & hellip; defensive players need more practice in order to cope with him. “

Come to Baltimo, Smith, hosted new students, although he would attack his opponent from time to time, but he was actually changing the team’s offensive performance. Maybe Smith’s remarks is sometimes too random, smashed, but from a good side, this old will find a passion when you are young. I hope he and his team can go further.

The wild horse running Weinlin will be fully returned to the training camp.Beijing June 6th, Denver Maki, Phillip Lindsay, has been almost 6 months for regression training, so much more than 6 weeks is still an acceptable arrangement.

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