Each and everyone of us used Internet these days. From making coffee in the morning to the late night parties every single one of us uses Internet. The main reason behind using i ternet and the main concept of making internet must be to make our life easy and connect everyone on the planet earth over a single beacon. And mostly people uses social media handles like facebool, twitter or instagram etc. We share our nest memoreies. Our feelings, achievements and sometimes oir bad times. Its the quickest way of spreading information.


The era of modern computers, however, began with the analytical engine of Charles Babbage. Cyber crime is an evil having its origin in the growing dependence on computers in modern life.

Everything works perfect until a cyber crime takes place well the cyber crime can of any kind.well there been some Major cyber crimes in the recent past include the Citibank rip off. US $ 10 million were fraudulently transferred out of the bank and into a bank account in Switzerland. A Russian hacker group led by Vladimir Kevin, a renowned hacker, perpetrated the attack. The group compromised the bank’s security systems. And many more.




•Financial crimes- This would include cheating, credit card frauds, money laundering etc.


•Cyber pornography-. this includes spreading a photos or vedios that contain adult contents like porn or edited pic which after edting appears to be pornography. It can be seen in newspaper everyday of such incidents.


•Sale of illegal articles- Well there are many internet platforms where many illegal material like heroine, marijuana, arms or any other illegal material which are auctioned and their slaes takes place over differnet website, like dark web.



•Online gambling- online gambling has been a very popular among indians well there are now online gambling application are available in the market. And now its kind of legal in India. But some of the poker casinos are on internet that funtions the same and illegal. People end up loosing money and even in many cases the loose their entire money.



•Intellectual Property crimes- These crimes include software piracy, copyright infringement, trademarks violations, theft of computer source code etc.


•Forgery- many crimes like Counterfeit currency notes, postage and revenue stamps, mark sheets etc which counts as forgery under IPC. these documents can be forged using sophisticated computers, printers and scanners.and even sometimes there are so look alike to orginals, and so hard to tell the difference.


•Virus / worm attacks- Hackers are the main becons of all there cyber crimes. They can plant a virus into any computer system and they can manipulate , destroy or even create fake data. And after commiting such crimes its hard to get to the hacker. And once you lost a hacker its so hard to find them.


Cyber crimes are takes place after the compluter revolution from the age of charles babage to today google ruling the internet. Or maybe some other platforms similar to them. Its became so much necessary for us to counter such crimes and stop them from taking place.




The way by which we can counter cyber crime is only by educating people who are not aware of them., users and systems operators; people who hold personal data and the people about whom it is held; people who create intellectual property and those who buy it; and the criminals. We must educate people about all such aspects. Well these can be some prcaustions can be taken by us.

We have to Understand how technology can be used to help or hurt others.

Think about what it would be like to be the victim of a computer hacker or computer pirate. And always be aware of what information can harm you if it got into someone elses hands.

C. By Practicing Safe Computing


1. Always ask: Who has or may have access to my log-in address?


2. Remember: People such as computer hackers and pirates who hurt others through computer technology are not “cool.” They are breaking the law.


Technology litracy is must in todays world. We must stay aware and use such handles wisely. Its like living a happy life. Posting on social media about yourself is nice. As a fair warning, People who love to share everyday  different things on internet. just think before  you share anything on the internet and make sure it cannot harm you in any way.





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