A). Cyber Crime Scenario in India


Cyber crime is a crime which happens via internet and network connectivity. With growing advent of globalisation, cyber crime is a serious threat to man kind ranging from email spoofing, hacking, fishing, cyber stalking, cyber stalking to cyber terrorism etc. In over few years the comparison of crime rates can be seen i.e. In the year 2015, 11,331 cases have been registered under cyber crimes and in the year 2016, 12,187 cases were reported. The data has been detected according to National Crime Records Bureau(NCRB). Companies around the globe are coming towards battling this widespread problem. Government has made people aware through various modes of communication and different initiatives such as cybercrime organisation to keep a track of wrongdoings in our nation. NASSCOM,DSCI, CERT-in,CCTNS, ICCCC are various government initiatives.

Maharashtra holds the top rank of more than 5900 cases of cyber crime, it is also because Maharashtra is the richest state of india. At the 2nd position is Uttar Pradesh and the 3rd is karnataka. The indian law body has made laws that penalise the offenders  framed by various regulators. The Information technology Act,2000(IT Act) and the Indian Penal Code,1860(IPC) deals with the criminals. But this is the work of law, as a responsible citizen we should be self aware and shouldn’t let this incident happen with us. We can be careful if we don’t open the pop ups and links in the internet which extracts our essential information. Careful india is a carefree india.



Q2. Why are you interested in doing internship in Cyber Welfare Society.

Ans. Cyber welfare society is a platform which can truly voice me my opinion by writing articles and rendering the projects in a deliberate manner. It might not be a big thing for the company to grant me the opportunity for internship but this opportunity of yours will be fully surprising and highly satisfactory.


Q3. How do you justify your interest as per you qualifications into Content writer.

Ans. I am a proficient writer. If not a lawyer, I might be a writer not because of keen interest in the literature but because I write poems and short stories which is quite good. I possess and showcase my poems in the application named medium.

Content writer is a work of passion I think not all lawyers are writers but only a few have that skill to overlap the others.

Q4. Have you done anything or doing currently to prove your interest in the field of Cyber Crime/Security.

Ans. No, not really but I have a deep knowledge about the topic and laws. I’ve experienced being the victim of this dirty crime. My family was a subject to cyber crime.


Q5. Give your reflection about Various CyberCrimes and how can we protect.

Ans. 1. Using strong passwords and changing them occasionally because over the course we use that password in various sites and accounts which if once detected by the hacker can make various accounts get hacked.

  1. Keeping software update because cyber criminals frequently exploit

Activities to gain access in our computer.

  1. Managing social media settings. One should be careful while posting

And making account public because it makes you socially available..



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