The farm bill is a package of legislation passed roughly once every five year that has a tremendous impact on farming livelihood how food is grow?..On September 27,2020 . The president of india Mr.Ram Nath Kovid gave his assent to the three farm reform Bill’s.The farmers Produce Trade and commerce (Promotion and facilitation) bill 2020,The farmers( Empowerment and Protection ) agreement on Price Assurance and farm service bill 2020 and the essential commodities (Amendment ) Bill 2020.These Bill’s have been passed by the Parliament in the recently concluded monsoon season.Oir Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi hailed by passage of these Bill’s of saying “A watershed moment in the history of indian agriculture! “.But the thing to worry about is the farmers for whose betterment these act.Farners organisation like Bhartiya Kishan Union (BKU) and all India kisne sangharsh coordination committee (AIKSCC) has been protesting the bill from September 2020 itself.They have raised the slogan of ‘KISAN BACHO MANDI BACHAO”


India is and has been an agrarian economy.After india gained independence in 1947 farmer used to sell their products direct to the consumer But due to prevailing system of Zamindars or money lender farmer were trapped in perpetual debt.This process was very exploitative so to help the farmer and end this system government of India introduced APMC (Agriculture Produce Market Committee ) Act.It was introduced in 1960’s at the very same time when green revolution started in india many experts believe that in the major of green revolution.APMC act played a major role.There are around 7000 APMCs in india at present now the process of selling the produce is that after harvesting crops are brought to the mandis or market where they sell the produce through auctioning or price discovery.Whom are the farmer selling the crops? Not to the government but the middlemen or arhatiyas.This system was good seeing 1960s but with time we need to evolve similarily,  not much was done to APMCs and MSP for onion is Rs 8.5 per kg (Data as of Feb 06 2019) but we buy onion at Rs 35‐80 per kg depending on state.These three farm Act seeks to replace ordinance issued in June 2020.These Act envisages to bring change in some of the key aspects of the farm economy trade in agricultural commodities,price assurance,farm services including contract and stock limit for essential commodities.


Everything looks great on paper,but then where does the problem lie? Well there is a difference between good legislation and good implementation of the Act many critics have raised their concern regarding this Act.The very first concern is that an act which is going to be implemented in the whole country has neither been discussed with state which will be most affected by the act nor with the expert in this field accusing the government of destroying cooperative federalism.We are talking of choice of market any farmer can sell his farm produce any where looks good on seeing but the ground reality is this already exists and a farmer can sell his produce any where he wishes in any part of country,it doesn’t happen because our farmer doesn’t have medium and money to transport goods from one place to another because government itself says 86% of farmers are marginalised.


Yes,there were many flaws in the decades old APMC act but critics believe that the need was to plug the loopholes instead of introducing a new system altogether.


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