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Definition :

Criminal intimidation is an offense in which a person threatens another person on the grounds of causing an injury to them or their reputation or property, or to the reputation or property or a person in whom they are interested. With an intention to cause alarm to that person, or to make him do any unlawful activity to avoid the execution of threat, or to obstruct him to not do any act which he is legally entitled to do. It is covered under section 503 of IPC.


Punishments for criminal intimidation :

Section 506 & section 507 of the Indian penal code prescribe the punishment for the offense of criminal intimidation defined in the section 503 of IPC. It says a person can be sentenced to imprisonment for 2 years or charged by a fine or both imprisonment & fine. If the threat causes any grievous hurt or results into demise of the person to whom the threat was delivered or if caused destruction of any property then the accused can be sentenced for 7 years of imprisonment or fine or both. If the threat is to impute chastity to a woman’s dignity then the punishment can be up to 7 years of imprisonment or fine or both.


Anonymous commitment of criminal intimidation and criminalย involvement :


Section 507 of the Indian penal code is a consequence of section 506 of the IPC. If the offense of criminal intimidation is done through anonymous communication by an unknown phone call or any anonymous letter or a letter with false information then it will subject to a harsher punishment under this section and leads an extention of 2 years of imprisonment or fine or both. To convict any person under this provision it’s must to prove the accused guilty of committing such offence of criminal intimidation by causing threats of injury.


Section 508 of the Indian penal code talks about manipulating someone or threatening them to cause injury to someone in whom they are interested and forcefully pressurising them to commit any such offence which they are not legally bound to do or to omit any action they has to do to protect themselves or the person in whom they are interested.


Important Note :

  • Criminal intimidation is a cognizable offence which can be investigated without a courts permission.
  • One can file FIR against such criminal intimidation offence in any nearest police station under the provisions of 506 & 507 of IPC.
  • These sections are bailable and non cognizable in india but may vary in the states with amended laws for the application of these sections.


Conclusion :

Anyone can raise a complaint against anyone induced in such offence or if someone threatens you of causing any such injury to either you or you property or reputation or to any person in whom you are interested or to their property or reputation. The essentials/ key points which are important to convict anyone under this section and punish them is to prove the accused guilty of committing such offence of criminal intimidation which caused any injury to you or your property or reputation or to someone in whom you are interested or their property or reputation.

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