Covid-19 has created a horror-struck state of affairs all round the world birth its dreadful shadow on the whole economy and transfer it to a standstill.


In an effort to prevent the unfold of the deadly virus, most of the governments across the planet have briefly closed academic establishments and someday in middle March 2020 premises of the colleges, universities and schools in Republic of India were closed to staffs and students and therefore the ancient black board-chalk teaching was converted to the net platforms.


The nationwide closure has wedged over ninety one of the world’s student population and therefore the UNESCO estimates that concerning thirty two large integer students ar affected in Republic of India, as well as those within the faculties and schools. and so, the govt. came up with e-learning program to facilitate the continuity of education for all.


Covid-19 has prompted the consultants within the education sector to rethink and produce forth innovative ideas to cope up learning throughout recently of the pandemic. however the question that arises is however long might we tend to ready to manage the scholars through on-line teaching particularly those within the primary categories. little question that the digital education fills the void by facilitating the educators to return up with custom-madeย  on-line teaching platform for the scholars, however most importantly it’s brought in peripheral issue of e-learning in Republic of India to limelight.


Virtual Mode Of Learning:

Online education is conducted chiefly by 2 strategies. Firstly, by the utilisation of recorded categories distributed through large Open on-line Courses (MOOC) and second via live on-line categories through webinars or zoom sessions. this needs the scholars to own high speed web and computers or mobile phones to attend sessions and therefore the school members to own the desired data and ability to deliver their data on these platforms. There ar several such platforms in Republic of India supported by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), The National Council of academic analysis and coaching (NCERT) and therefore the department of technical education.


However, solely academic establishments in urban areas will give these facilities. The queries ar raised for the young learners in rural areas, and their growth. Republic of India homes 430 million youngsters within the cohort of 0-18years with a substantial variety of scholars residing in rural settings. several factors ought to be thought-about whereas transfer forth the e-learning techniques in rural areas like archaic pedagogics, shortage of academics, poor teacher to student magnitude relation and obsolete teaching material. although conversion of education makes it possible for the teacher to deliver data across geographies, the essential ground realities cause a barrier within the path of complete on-line teaching.


Poor infrastructure, lack of robust web property, no electricity, lack of safety etc. ar the opposite factors that ar still required to be addressedย  in remote areas for the convenient access of quality education to any or all. despite the fact that there ar several initiatives taken by the govt. to elevate the extent of education in these areas, there’s still a protracted thanks to go.


Article 21A and E-learning:

Under the 86th modification, a brand new Article twenty oneA was superimposed when Article 21 within the Indian Constitution. in step with it the state shall give free and obligatory education to any or all youngsters of the age of six to fourteen years in such manner because the State could by law, determine, creating the proper to Education a elementary right. In 2009, the proper of youngsters To free and obligatory Education (RTE) Act, was elapsed the parliament. it’s the duty of the ‘appropriate government’ underneath Section eight of the Act to produce free and obligatory instruction, obligatory admission, group action and make sure that the kid happiness to weaker sections and underprivileged teams aren’t discriminated against and prevented from following and finishing instruction on any grounds.


The novel Corona virus cause a challenge to the govt. in providing the youngsters of the agricultural areas with the desired equipment for the virtual learning as physical room learning has become infeasible throughout this example. in step with the government’s Key Indicators of home Social Consumption on Education in Republic of India 2018, only 14.8% of rural households have access to web facility and mixing each rural and concrete areas solely twenty three.8% had web facility. Access to web in states like state, Odisha and West Bengal is simply eight.3%,5.8%and 7.9% severally.


Parents realise it tough to produce their youngsters with smartphones wherever they themselves struggle to fulfil ends and e-learning becomes a loaded burden on them. As a result, there ar possibilities for the withdrawal of their youngsters from the colleges.


Section 3(2) of the RTE Act states that no kid shall be at risk of pay any reasonably fee or charges or expenses which can forestall him or her from following and finishing the instruction, stands contrary underneath this state of affairs.


In Kerala, the executive department has provided the utmost support to the scholars amidst the pandemic through on-line category named ‘First Bell’ that is telecasted through ‘Victors’ channel underneath the State General executive department for categories one to twelve, that is so a decent different for those while not smartphones to attend sessions while not fail.




Perhaps the web teaching might not be a powerful various for typical education system however it will to a precise extent mitigate and catch up on the inconvenience caused by this alarming Covid-19 pandemic to the education system. Learning is associate ever-evolving method and during this time of crisis, a well rounded and effective academic follow through the utilization of technology is what we will forecast to adapt to the longer term, no matter its scourge.

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