First time in the history of seventy five years a pandemic named coronavirus is smashing the societies to the core. This global crisis is much vast than just a health crisis, it is expanding its domain and just like any other termite it is hitting the global economies and societies.

When no country was prepared for such an outbreak the first documentation of this outbreak was in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China in December 2019. Now hundreds of countries are trapped in this epidemic. The effects and causes of the virus in the human body are pretty much in the ears of everyone, United Nations Conference on Trade and Development in its recent analysis transparented that approximately two third of the world living in developing nations is facing an unstoppable damage and to rescue this nearly 2.5 trillion dollars are required.

Humanity’s biggest crisis


Now everybody has got to experience how it feels to treat everyday as a Sunday! What shall we grieve about? Loss of thousands of lives? Loss of normalcy? Loss of not considering work as worship? This collective loss which the world never knew about has disrupted and uneased everybody’s life and has made the most powerful man powerless!

Feeling of grief and anxiety definitely contributes in experiencing Anticipatory grief. Any grief which occurs before the loss in other words any anticipation which accelerates anxiety of loss is referred to Anticipatory grief. A chunk of population all over the globe is facing this experience. Their mind is emotionally preparing them for the inevitable future circumstances but at the same time same feeling should be forwarded that we have to fight with the fears of future fearlessly. Grief of the family’s who are facing unexpected deaths is unimaginable.  Their grief is not just limited to loosing their loved ones but this havoc has built the inability of involving them into the traditions and last rights of grieving process. Adding on, the family also goes through the regret of not supporting and being their with their loved one during the last moments of his/her life. It is definitely an ineffable pain for the family and the sufferings of the infected are unquestionably beyond description.

The only visible gateway is self healing process and allowing self to reach a place of acceptance and acknowledging your feelings and giving time to the healing process time to recover and rejuvenate yourself. Feelings are valid be it full of anxiety, happiness, sorrow but our bit is to treat ourselves as our body requires, be it reaching out family and friends, finding a support or exploring techniques and accepting the open endness of this virus.

All the segments of society are deeply affected by this pandemic. The budding future of tomorrow is also affected and their potentials are so locked down with their soul and bodies. Young minds are more prone to be affected by knowledge and deeper information about this pandemic. Therefore,  in order to reduce the anxiousness and distress screentime, reading and listening about this pandemic should be minimized for budding generation. World Health Organization  recommends to maintain good family routines and engaging children in  different in- house activities is the best way to channelize the energy of  young blood. Anxiousness, anger, stress, agitation, all should be  accepted with a positive support and environment in home.

Another important aspect of nationwide collapse is life of laborers. Is this world forgetting? “without labor nothing prospers”. The business all over the planet is heavily facing a lot of challenges.  Employers, Employees are working from home in order to protect the social distancing norm but still there are various establishments where work from home is not possible. A lot of organizations are laying off  their workers in order to protect their economic stability. On the contrary there is no provision for reduction of pay except lay offs and a  lot of employers are not adhering to it. This reduction is not just a punishment but also discrimination! Some employers are also going for the option of continuos retrenchment and termination but shall not it be considered as last resort?


Is it a Global Down Turn? 

A lot many times this pandemic has been compared to world war- 2 and great recession of 2008. The major variability here is that during the war a notable portion of economy was targeted to wartime effort but with covid-19, this virus has attacked a significant number of population but the majority population of economy is quarantining leisurely at home. Back then people knew that this war would come to an end but as of now relaxation from covid-19 is dream of every sole.

Future Is Scary 

Worlds largest lockdown has left millions out of job and half starved.  According to the report of International labour organization around 400  million Indians working in the informal economy may fall deeper into  poverty during this pandemic. Even the RBI in its statements brings it to  the sight of society that covid-19 pandemic is hanging over the future  like spectre.



Struggles for the treatment- Failure of the machinery ?


The hospitals in India are thriving to treat patients. No beds, no oxygen, fake medicines, shortage of essential drugs, the situation is turning real bad! Patients are lying on the corridors of hospitals and people are loosing their loved ones, their family in front of their eyes due to the inadequacy of treatment. The situation has come to a point where it has become almost impossible for a common man to get himself tested and get a bed in hospital, get treated and go home safe. A common argument is that the government shall be blamed for the lack of oxygen facilities and the government is only working on social media instead of taking any concrete measure. From the past few moths there have been no strategizing and planning on the behalf of government and lack of facilities has put down the country into hot waters!

To the nation is appears that both the leader Narendra Modi and Amit Shah were keen on winning the election in the east and only after all the other political parties stopped their rallies, the BJP realized the poor optics of PM still in electioneering mode in the middle of a major pandemic and by then it was too late to handle the common man in dire straits!



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