In a democratic country like India, where people are considered at utmost priority, their health is being compromised at the cost of politics in the country. That country where leader is elected as per the will of the people to serve the society and the nation has become the murderer of the people. In this worse situation of pandemic politics is not compromised at all or can it be named as incapability of our political leaders. States are blaming the central government while intentionally forgetting the fact that they too have certain responsibilities towards general public and their health. The situation is becoming more worse than ever thought of. Where from the last year there had been a huge loss of life due to COVID-19 and there had been a constant increase in the cases, the beginning of this year has proved to be a bane. Though there are various reasons for this unimaginary situation like people not taking proper precautions of wearing masks, use of sanitizers, social distancing etc. Even the continuous protest of farmers in such a large gathering has also led to such a situation.  

can’t understand why only Election Commission is in question as they alone are not responsible for all this. Why did the court didn’t issue Suo Motto action when the entire election process was going on or were the learned judges sleeping when farmers were continuously protesting? Also, when Kumbh was in operation it led to increase in people testing positive, though it was suspended after few days. 

We never thought of a situation when oxygen cylinders would make people so helpless for saving the life of their near and dear ones. The situation is now one of survival and protection and, everything else comes thereafter 

Honorable Madras High Court is directly hitting to Election Commission about holding the elections and violation of moral code of conduct i.e., social distancing norms and public gatherings at large. It should also take direct Suo Moto actions against all the political parties and their leaders. As there were no elections held or election rallies conducted in states like Delhi, Maharashtra etc. then also cases are surging there continuously. So how can we blame EC for all the faults? State government, Central government, Election Commission has miserably failed to handle the situation wisely. 

However, Election Commission has not fulfilled its responsibilities and functions properly as proper safety precautions were not taken and rallies were allowed in such a large gathering, people were not wearing masks and were not exercising social distancing norms, then also no strict actions were taken against anyone. Mostly the government employees who has their duty in conducting elections are unwilling to perform their duties but they are bound to do it as their job is on stake. These all factors make EC responsible for rising corona cases in India. 

There is an urgent need to take certain steps for the betterment of the country and public health otherwise whole country will be at stake i.e., on urge of destruction. People need to stay at home and take proper precautions for their own safety as well as of others.  

Stay safe!!

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