Consumer Protection Act: A New Regime Towards Protection Of Consumers by Devanshi Saxena @lexcliq

Consumer Protection Act: A New Regime Towards Protection Of Consumers

Consumer is a person who buys any goods or avail a service for a fee or for teleshopping multi- level marketing or direct selling but does not includes a person who obtains a good for resale. As consumers we have rights and a justice system to ensure that grievances are heard and compensations are made. The consumer protection act can into effect in 1986. It has further amended in 2019. Objective of the act according to its preamble is to provide for protection of the interest of consumers and for the said purpose to establish authorities for timely and effectively administration and settlement of consumers disputes and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.

Rights guaranteed under the CPA, 2019 are right to be protected against the marketing of goods products or services which can be hazardous to life and property, right to be informed about the quality quantity potency purity standard and price of goods products and services, right to be assured of access to goods products and services at competitive prices, right to be heard at appropriate forums, right to seek redressal against unfair trade practices that are involved in the exploitation of customers and right to consumer awareness. The consumer protection act promotes protection and enforces the rights of  consumers. The 2019 act also vests more power on district commission and state commission and, at the same time, reduces the work load of national commission.

The consumer protection act create forums where a consumer can easily seek for redressal without wasting their much time and money. It carries functions like inquiring into violations of consumer rights, investigating and launching prosecution at the appropriate forum. The act pass orders to recall goods or with driver services data hazardous reimbursement of
the price paid and discontinuation of the unfair trade practices. The act also issues directions to the concern trader/manufacturer/endorser/ advertiser/ publisher to either discontinue of false or misleading advertisement or modify it. It also imposes penalties and issues safety notices to consumers against unsafe goods and services. The act has also introduced the concept of product liability. it means the liability of a product manufacturer service provider or seller to compensate a consumer for any harm or injury caused by a defective good or deficient service. E-commerce transactions are also covered under the act. as per the new act laws that apply to direct selling also applicable to e-commerce key guidelines, e-commerce platforms are required to disclose details of sellers product liability to also include sellers and service providers. The act also issues Guidelines regarding misleading advertising and endorsers and lays down guidelines for any misleading advertisements for a product or service which affects the consumers.

The consumer protection act has been proven to be a significant step towards betterment of trade society of India. The act is designed to have easy handling and quick disposal of cases. The act has protected rights of many consumers and it still continues to protect them. With a huge country like India, the act is very much needed to organise the trade sector and to protect the consumers from domestic market.

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