TRIPPLE TALAQ my goodness What a Topic . Even go in Flashback . what happened , lot’s of Questions , uhhhhhhhh

FEW months EGO it was really such a big deal, Muslim women were in the support and muslim men were not.

lets have some comments on it. in this topic i’m not going to be very legally because i just want to give my opinion , my views , my language , my words , My COMMENT.

SO wHAT IS tripple talaq ?

TALAQ TALAQ TALAQ  this is Tripple talaq . this was a mode of giving TALAQ to muslim women.

saying a word three times is enough to break a marriage ( nikah ). Can you believe ? No you can’t  but if you are a Muslim women definetly you are going to say. yes i do believe .  because may be you was the victim of this too.

but if i say, definetly its easy to accept me. Do you know why ?  I accept this because in very BOLD LETTERS it is written in FAMILY LAW  that Muslim marriage as a contract. and if it is a contract  then a can be broken by few words. also the time period is not mention  as  which is mentioned in MUTA MARRIAGE.

so everything is very clear. But if something is wrong. that is wrong.  illegal is always illegal. so finally it is disappeared by indian govt. from indian  constituion.

The on Tuesday declared that the centuries-old practice of instant triple talaq among the Muslim community was unconstitutional.

finally HISTORY CHANGES, and it was a great judgement , great decision , great day , great bench. lovely.




Suryavrat Dubey

A good Learner . Also I've good communication Skills , Leadership is My Passion. Leading anything from from is my Hobby. Believer , Motivator , Writer ( Songs , stories , Bhajan , Rap songs , Poetries , Shayri etc. ) Definitely Positive attitude.

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