Collaboration in between Law and Technology.

Collaboration in between Law and Technology

Covid-19 has brought the world to stand still but with all the challenges it brings, it has also given the legal industry a rare opportunity to change the way we have been practicing and conducting the business of law.

Over the past few weeks, we have seen the stage set to make change, The magnitude of change requires all stakeholders to contribute and participate towards making it a reality.

It is now time for us to come together to convert Covid – 19 into a positive opportunity for the legal fraternity. The changes we need to make are based on the framework of people, process and technology. To drive organizational capability, it is the people working with processes and technology to deliver the greatest results. Going forward it would be necessary to work in sync for a smooth transition for all three elements.

3 Basic Elements – People, Processes and Technology-

People –

People were and will always remain our most important assets. Nothing can happen without people. It is time for us to work and adopt new ways. Collaboration and communication will now be the key to success. Some of the challenges with people are limited digital access, weak digital literacy, aversion to the use of technology, diverse background and experiences etc.

As lawyers, we believe we are self – sufficient and have not always welcomed or accepted multi-disciplinary professionals that enable us to deliver the best-in-class legal services to our clients. It is now time to broaden our perspective and accept that the business of law requires the assistance of diverse professionals who are not necessarily lawyers.

While HR, IT and Finance have succeeded in co-existing, it is time for us to make space for Innovators, Legal Technology specialists, Knowledge Management, Marketing, Business Development and Pricing experts, STEM professionals and Legal Design thinkers.

Technology –

The use of technology has been on the rise in law for a long time. Smart and exciting technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analytics and predictive analytics have already begun to disrupt the legal market.

In recent weeks, technology has been forced upon us by the pandemic(COVID19) and is rapidly pushing lawyers towards high-tech solutions. Let this not be an interim acceptance and a short-term thing – we must now accept technology (beyond Zoom and GMeet and video conferencing).  Use of collaborative technology has never been as high and popular as it is today. Remote working, online courts, eLibraries, digitized law firms, digital signatures, case management, document management and knowledge management solutions are suddenly non-negotiable.

Process –

The process is a structured approach to success. Due to the vast nature of work, age-old practice legacy systems and personal practices, there is a fundamental lack of process in the legal system. There is now an urgent need to plug this gap by Creating SOPs(Standard Operating Procedures), process manuals and standardised templates, construction system is necessary for a sustainable future in order to move away from people dependencies in order to process dependencies.

“We have to remember that with people and ever-evolving new and disruptive technologies, risk comes”

The way forward is to bring these three elements together and bring a change in culture and mindset. We will need to remodel and revised our existing systems and always remember that people, processes and technology do not work in isolation. They are interdependent and are each of the essential components for business innovation and success.

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