Chlorine Dioxide and Vinegar – The Super-Duper Immune Booster

Year which is last, after discovering Vitamin B17, and the potential of Apricot Seeds in the natural curing of cancer, I began bringing it into the conversation with just about everybody that I met! I actually spoke about it to individuals at the Real Estate Seminars of mine, and also I met one investor that stated, “If you think that is something, check out the power of the inorganic chlorine dioxide!”

Needless to point out, it wasn’t some time before I began my study on chlorine dioxide, and was very happy with my findings.dr. jade teta It would seem that a Gold Miner, Jim Humble, inadvertently discovered the water cleaner cured Malaria! Since that discovery, Mr. Humble happens to be on the mission, to improve on his discovery and also added a little vinegar for the water purifier, which not only did it get rid of Malaria in a rapid speed (within hours), but that additionally, it had the ability to treat cancer, and numerous other pathogen diseases at miraculous prices. The existing Malaria Medicines from the Pharmaceuticals, at that time, not only took longer being any results, although they usually had side-effects. Due to that, metabolic renewal amazon (just click the following web site) Jim Humble’s improved and new chlorine dioxide, with the fact of vinegar, quickly became the Malaria Medicine of choice, and Mr. Humble was capable to heal over 75,000 folks of Malaria in South America and Africa within a very short period of time!

That was back in the late 90’s…

Currently Mr. Humble is just about eighty years of age, and with the assistance of filmmaker, Adam Abraham, has stepped up the tempo! He finally boasts a ten day live Course which he personally shows in the Dominican Republic which teaches individuals the best way to be licensed Ministers of Health!find out more here The latest technology is making it easy for men and women around the globe to figure out how to make as well as administer his improved chlorine dioxide to patients, who are ill with a wide range of pathogenic illnesses! A very revolutionary concept, to tell you the least!

The chemical reason of why chlorine dioxide works very well against pathogens is rather simple. A molecule of chlorine dioxide is made up of a single atom of chlorine, which is missing a single electron, plus 2 atoms of oxygen, every one of which is missing 2 (2) electrons, for a total of 5 missing electrons due to the molecule. When molecules of chlorine dioxide comes closer to pathogens in the entire body, (that are acidic in nature and quite loosely connected) it quickly pulls the five electrons that it’s missing from the pathogens, which cause the pathogens to break apart and also get innocuous waste particles, that the body could simply get rid of through one or more of the organs of ours of elimination.

If you are like me, you’ve wished on multiple occasion throughout the lifetime of yours, You had the capability and knowledge to cure people of diseases! Well, mastering the way to construct as well as administer chlorine dioxide to the ill, may very well make that wish come true! Jim Humble’s easy finding of the strength of chlorine dioxide has truly started a health and fitness REVOLUTION of international proportions, which is quite EXCITING, and also I certainly need to turn into a part of it! Do not you? Join me in a dynamic HEALTH REVOLUTION working towards the primary health dream… Designing a completely new World Without Disease!

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