There’s a question in my mind, what changes may take place or whether Indian economy  faces a growth if Chinese products are banned in India? Or whether India is able to manufacture those items which are being currently imported from  China and stop adopting, using Chinese applications, technology? Preferably answer might be “No” ,the reason is that the cost of the Chinese products are less compared to  the domestic product and high capital is required  to discover or to  adopt  technology,  to be used to manufacture all those imported goods.

India has entered into different contracts with China – with regard to import and exports and India is in need of different raw materials, which are being imported from China  where India and china have entered into an agreement as a apart of 1975 Asia –Pacific Trade Agreement ,formerly known as BANGKOK AGREEMENT.

The products of china to be banned ;there are protest to ban it. India has taken a initiative and also the Philippines , and Vietnam, as well as separatist movements in China itself. A full boycott of products made in China is considered to be difficult to achieve, as the country manufactures a large number of goods .There have been calls for a boycott of goods made in China in countries such as India, that are widely sold and used across the world, and also holds stakes in various non-Chinese companies

china is the largest country in the world by population, and the third largest by territory, sharing long borders with 14 other nations. Border conflicts and disputes have occurred many times between China and their neighbors during its history.

Technology produced by Chinese companies has also been a subject of scrutiny, especially by the United States ;for example, in 2018, Donald Trump, the president of U.S, signed the National  Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal year 2019 into law, containing a provision that banned Huawei  and ZTE equipment from being used by the U.S. federal government , citing security concerns.

Some organisations have used the COVID-19 pandemic, as part of campaigns against China; for example, the Vishva Hindu Parishad, in India has called for a boycott of China in retaliation for China’s allegedly being directly responsible for the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 virus strain and the subsequent COVID-19 pandemic.

India and the Parliament of the Central Tibetan Administration have called for a joint campaign to boycott Chinese goods in response to border intrusion incidents perpetrated by China.RSS (chief) Mohan Bhagavath stated “We speak about self-dependence and standing up to China. The new government seems to be standing up to it. But where will the government draw strength from if we don’t stop buying things from China?”

China has large amount of investments in Pakistan and provides support for Pakistan in many international organizations, although countries including India and the USA allege Pakistan is a state sponsor of terrorism.. During the conflict between the India and Pakistan in August–September 2016 after the Uri attack, Chinese support towards Pakistan led to a campaign to boycott Chinese products in India. As a consequence, sales of Chinese products dipped by about 40 percent in the period immediately after the boycott calL.

In May 2020, in response to the 2020 China–India battle, Indian engineer, educator  Sonam Wangchuk  appealed to Indians to “use your wallet power” and boycott Chinese products. He called for India to “stop using Chinese software in a week and hardware in a year”. This appeal was covered by major media houses and supported by various celebrities. As a consequence of the movement, the Indian Government banned 59 apps that were linked to China “to counter the threat posed by these applications to the country’s sovereignty and security”, including TikTok, WeChat, Helo and UC Browser.  A month later, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology of the Government of India, banned 47 more Chinese-origin apps and started investigating 250 more for user privacy violations. The Board of Control for Cricket in India suspended the I P L title sponsorship deal with Chinese smartphone manufacturer Vivo for one year, after India’s border issue with China.

In spite of various campaigns by notable individuals and organisations, many Chinese companies still have influence over various markets, especially relating to consumer technology and software. For example, as in June 2020, Xiaomi, Oppo, Realme, OnePlus and Vivo accounted for approximately two  in three  smartphone sales in India.

Chinese companies also invest heavily in Indian companies; 18 out of 30 of India’s billion-dollar start-ups are funded by China. Major Chinese investment firms like Alibaba Group and Tencent hold investments in major companies that are considered to be Indian, like BYJU’S, Ola Cabs and Flipkart.

Besides, boycotting popular Chinese apps such as TikTok has been suggested as a more effective alternative to boycotting physical goods in terms of value added because there are multiple options.

In June 2020 a traders body named confederation of All India declared that it will boycott 450 broad categories of commodities, which include 3,000 Chinese products.

complete banning of Chinese imports is not possible till  today.


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