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The four-point guard of this Washington red skin was announced to everyone in the US time on Thursday evening, and he announced that he and his wife had a beautiful female baby. “Reji Anne-Griffin is coming today! 7 pounds , Thanks to everything. “

A.j. Green said that it will return in the next game
Beijing November 29th, US Time Wednesday, Tiger Treading A.j. Green (A.j. Green) Tell reporters, “absolutely” will appear on Sunday’s stadium on Sunday.

“This decision is difficult, because since I came to the team four years ago, Charles has always made great contribution to our achievements,” said Ron Rivera, said in the statement. . “He has always strive to complete our samples we ask him and work hard. He is an excellent young person, we wish him all everything.”

This tour of 72 games in the first five seasons. He missed a salary in the 2013 season due to the injury of the congenital tendon injury and accepted the salary during this year’s break. The Black Panther tried to make Goldfuri as a slot fan, but eventually let him return to the security position at the beginning of the season. The team moved him to the corner of the team in the fifth week. Goldfri is debut in the game against the Green Bay packaging work, but it is poor. (Pro Football Focus) is divided into his anti-transmission performance score -5.5)

Carolina Black Leopard Treated Effective 7 Years Defense
Carolina Black Leopard announced that they cut off the veteran guard against Charles Godfrey. The 28-year-old professional career has all been averaged in the Black Leopard in 7 years. He is the three-wheeled show of the team’s 2008 draft.

Saints offensive cut off: Recognize that the leakage is too late
In the National Union Championship in Sunday, the referee group did not blow the critical pass of the male passenger, Robbalman (Nickell Robey-Coleman), gave the macrower of the ram, dragging the game Overtime. The Saint lost the game.

The problem is that although Galert is undoubtedly the best player in this year, Chutski is also the best quartz. Brown needs to choose between these two best. Of course, in addition to Chutski, Deson Watson, Texas Patrick’s Patrick Mahomes can also choose.

If the passage of the ball is blown, the Saint will get a new first attack, and cheap jerseys there is still 1:45 in the game. There is only one suspension left, theoretically, the Saint has the opportunity to win the table.

It is also believed that Brown can select Galt as a champion, and then use the 12th to sign to try to get Chutski. However, no one knows that when Chutski will be taken away, some people even think that 49 people will take the No. 2 sign, which makes the brown don’t choose.

Attacks, Terron Armstead, said: “It is desperate to us. Of course, you can admit that leakage, apologize for this, but we have already packaged home. If the field The referee made the correct penalty, then we have a big chance to become a super bowler against the patriot. It is too late. It doesn’t recognize it for us. Too late. “

“Everyone is very excited because that is Tom Braddy,” Rewis told New York Media on Wednesday. “I understand this. But if NFL thinks he makes mistakes or doing something, they want to punish the patriot, then the penalty. (Patriot) has a history of small action. You can’t hide this … When they used to engage in these small movements, he was in the team. “

When the patriot was punished, the Retis or a rookie was punished in the 2007 competition. This star angle guard believes that the behavior of the patriot should not be ignored. “The patriot has been in a small action and caught in trouble,” Rewick said. “When such a small action has repeatedly happened, then the penalty. I don’t know what to tell you. This kind of little movement has happened again in the past few years. You see the spy door, you have seen a lot of such things. Obviously in the past In the case, the alliance has mastered evidence. So they know what they should do. “

Rewick has no sympathetic to Braddy’s situation. “If I have not passed the drug inspection, then I just didn’t pass the drug inspection. If I was found to drive, I was drunk,” Rewick said. “If Tom is found to be drunk, then he is a drunk driving. If they say what he did, then it should be banned. I am not president, I have no rules. If they want to change the ban according to new information or new evidence Penalty, then it can be, but this should be unrelated to Braddy’s league. “


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