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There is currently no complete details of this contract, but it is difficult to imagine that McCooe will complete this during the 4th year of Randall Cobb on Saturday and Randall Cobb. A five-year contract.

Dolphin players feel dissatisfied with the team’s leadership strategyIn this Sunday competition, Miami dolphins were pressed by the Chief of Kansas City, eventually gave opponents at home 15:34, unfortunately suffered two joints.

Viking will maintain a relatively stable coach teamAs the wholesale nfl jerseys is coming soon, the teams will be launched in the next season, and the new coaching group has become the first task, but different teams, the Minnesota Viking team rarely appeared Recent news, because they don’t want to make changes to the coaching group.

Mike Zimmer said the team intends to renew most assistant coaches to the end of the 2016 season. Among them, the assistant coach Drew Petzing will replace the preparatory coach of Kansas University, CLINT Kubiak. It is reported that only one assistant coach hopes to sign a contract, but the same as other teams, Viking usually renewed in the contract of a coach.

Other denim players also have a similar idea, four-point guards, Dak Prescott, runowing Ezekiel Elliott, defensive end Eddamus – Lawrence The top players in the Demarcus Lawrence have said that they will consider how to lead the team.

The lion has renewed Quin, Corner, Darius Slay, Run-Radic, and abandoned the Sam Martin (Sam Martin) . But now there is more important players to consider, that is to ensure that the team cornerstone Matthew – Matthew Stafford and Ezekiel Ansah have been able to stay in a long time.

The 31-year-old Quin is added to the lion in 2013.23.5 million US dollars. Considering that he has matured age and he enters the contract year, he should have a return for his past excellent performance.

It is accompanied by failure. It is a high tension of the locker atmosphere. Because the defensive defensive in the dolphine is too bleak, many players in the team are very dissatisfied, began to question the team defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle’s game plan and strategy. According to Miami, the reporter Adam Beasley revealed that the current dolphin player’s defensive strategy for Kiether and its team has been “out of angry”.

The players challenge the defensive end Melon-Wik (Jason Trusnik), Koyale asked them to defend the Emirates to travel to Joe, McNight (Joe McKnight) At the time, pay attention to keep the distance and space, don’t press it before, and final McNet has a result of 64 yards of the ball.

49 people and raid playersAuckland raids have killed the San Francisco 49 in Sunday, which also makes 49 people’s playoffs. After the game, the raid slaughter – Moore ran to Colin Kaepernick, saying loudly in front of COLIN KAEPERNICK.

Since the team did not announce the contract deadline of many coaches, the reporters were quite concerned about this problem. When they were asked with their contractual length, Qi Mo said that it will spend at least 2016, according to the external analysis, this It is very likely to be a 3 + 1 contract.

Cape Nik has been hit in the past few weeks, and he only came out of 171 yards, 2 reached, 1 copy. Last week, he only came out of 121 yards, 0 reached the array, 2 coput├ęs, and finally lost 3 to 19 to Seattle Hawks. In the past three games, Katnik has completed two pass to more than 5 copies.

“There is no doubt that after he leaves, I have to stand up.” Li said, “I think this is my own responsibility, similar to Witten. He laid the team tone for us. Not only guidance The team has played the correct rhythm, but also learns to feel your feelings and help others. I am also trying to do this. “

Last Sajikuo was 55 times and forced the opponent to hand over the ball. Quinin was selected in the 7th copy of the 7th CDs in his career in 2014. But it is his greatest advantage to continue. Quinn has been successively sent 116 in the regular season, which is the most active safety.

Not only is that the players are expressing dissatisfied, the fans of dolphins are also sitting on the team, and if the dolphins can’t get out of the difficulties as soon as possible, I am afraid that Joe Philbin’s head is still not long. NS.

Cowboy Line Shuen – Li said the leading team After the Jason Witten is retired, the cowboy needs to be old to stand up and lead the dressing room. Line Wei Xi En – Sean Lee is clear, the most words, the right to say is yourself.

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