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And the father of Jacobs said: “I feel the most proud of what is what he believes. I have experienced a lot of things he didn’t want his son experience. When I talked about this Cry, because God believes that I take care of these children, he trust me will not leave. This is why I am very happy to see Yes accepted the positive factor in our past experience. “

Breddy is no longer a 23-year-old time, but his patriots he led is still a team of fighting power in the alliance, and he is also a member of the Future Hall. Age may just be a number to Bradi, since he just landed in NFL has been 14 years since he just landed in NFL, and he has always maintained a belief and sharpening his own technology.

Big magic king Braddy opened the longevity
Tom Brady, the New England Patriots team, has proved that he is one of the best quarters. However, he is 37 years old, almost the idea of thinking that the career is about to end the scenery or retirement. This year, his first quarter, in the first quarter, 13 times in the evening, in order to prove that he did not decline due to age growth.

“The mission has not been completed.” Hendriksen said, “We only play eight games. I can’t wait, I believe that no one is willing to be only the third. & Hellip; & hellip; I just need to catch the quarter-saving, I will do this left. “

German-Host and Matt-Ford will retire at the bear team
US Time Wednesday, Chicago’s official announced that it will sign a day contract with German-Hester and Matt Forte, let the two will be retired in his career. Two players are just eight years in Chicago bear.

This running guard from the University of Alabama is a strong candidate for the best offensive rookie this season. He held a total of 262 times, promoted 1316 yards, and achieved 7 times. His average is 88.5 yards, and the ranks third.

“I remember to see him didn’t sleep,” Jacobs said in the draft and his father. “This is crazy because I didn’t realize that I slept in the car. I just felt that I fell asleep and woke up. I don’t think much because I feel very safe. He will open it everywhere until you find the place where you sleep, then second I am going to school. “

The two sides test each other in the first, seven minutes cheap Jerseys from china time, RGIII captured and killed. Section 3 minutes 57 seconds left in the game when, RGIII off the ball, but fortunately reacted swiftly to protect the lives of the ball did not exchange the ball. The two sides did not score into the sect.

Hayster is a two-round show in 2006, and there are three abandoned kicks and reachabited arrays in the rookie season. He also attacked 92 yards in the fortiest super bowl, and got up to the array. After Hester, he left Chicago in 2014, working in Atlantan Femplay for 2 seasons, and played a year in the crow. He retired after the 2016 season.

Racing Journey to Johshi – Jacobs bought a house for his father
The Auckland raid man runs Johshi Josh Jacobs childhood, and there is no home in the childhood, and has to live with his own brothers and sisters in their own car. After the rookie season, he gave his father a surprise.

Texas aspect, Fitzpatrick completed 22 passes 14 times, advancing 206 yards and a touchdown. Foster rushed the ball 27 times advancing 103 yards, and twice the ball 17 yards. Andre – Johnson (Andre Johnson) 6 times the ball forward 93 yards.

The American tiger took a number of outstanding members, no choice, can only be signed by the contract. However, thinking about the Executive Vice President of the Jagua Tiger, Tom Coughlin, has been guided by Flars in 2015, and should have some understanding of him. In addition, the American Tiger’s current defensive front line coach Pat Flaherty has also been in the giant.

Two teams in the offseason attracted enough attention. Redskins signed new head coach Jay – Gruden (Jay Gruden), and ushered in the all-star took over DeShawn – Jackson (Desean Jackson) to his assistant, Robert – Griffin III (Robert Griffin III, referred to RGIII ). Texans are sent away last year’s quarterback, and signed with the champion selected Jed Vian from the University of Nankalailuo – Kelao Ni (Jadeveon Clowney). He and J.J. Watt (J.J. Watt) make up one of the league’s most horrible defensive front.

After leaving the bear, Ford played two years for the jet. He carefully built 2356 times, promoted 9796 yards, and achieved 54 reaches. In addition, Ford also completed 554 shots, acquired 4672 yards and 21 reachaes.

Redskins aspects, RGIII 37 passes completed 29 times, advancing 267 yards forward, three times captured and killed, only three red balls into the two yards. Morris rushed the ball 14 times advancing 91 yards. Jackson eight times the ball forward 62 yards. Pierre – hondurensis (Pierre Garcon) 10 times the ball forward 77 yards.

Flars spent four years in Giants, who was sicking on Tuesday. As a giant’s 9th show in 2015, his role in the field is equivalent to the rotation door, and the 48th is the same. Since entering the Alliance, Frads has allowed 180 times to compress the quarter-saving, which is the most in the same time. After remembering the right trip this season, he has not competed in Chad Wheeler, which is devalued as a substitute.


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